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Dearest, please read this.........

Open answers to all your questions here; generally for all E.L.F. and SHINee World who communicated with me and asks several similar questions. 

I really appreciate that you want to befriend with me, but I'm a bitch not a good person in real life. So I advise you to forget about it. But to bump to you in the net, being wacky and crazy together, it would be fine.  Yes, I'm ugly. So you won't be seeing me, I'll remain faceless to you. I'll stay this way until I meet SJ at Malaysia. I'm happier that way.

Please ask me with manners. I know you're waiting for the shirts and CDs for too long, but it's beyond my control. And do remember we had to go through lots of procedures, involving nationwide and some for global. I don't see several question marks and !!!  are needed when you're donning your phrase. It's kind of insulting and unethical to a person you barely know, because it shouts when you read it. I'll answer all of your doubts, I'm just asking your favor to ask me nicely. That's all. 

And if I'm answering some of you sternly or might sounds cold, it would be because of your question which involved serious professionalism to answer or it would end up with misunderstood. Please understand that I'm not trying to sounds snobby or such, it's just that the question needs a serious answer.

I state again, I'm doing this voluntarily. I don't gain money or anything. All I need is your cooperation because I love my dearest fangirls (and several fanboys) who share the same interest with me. I want a good environment in fandom and that will be established by respecting each other.


p/s: Yes, I'm very much pissed if you're asking.

*pic credits to; personally adore that face


fishama87 said…
unnie feel bad coz ppl's always asking you about the t-shirt..well, what can i tell is the t-shirt will be arrive to them before 20june..that what I can tell so sorry be in hard condition because of this matters..
if they still asking you, you can tell them you directly ask me...

with love,
mulan77 said…
norfy hwaiting!!
Miss Healerzz said…
omo....fiza unnie, don't feel bad. I'm still okay, just that I don't want any repetitive situation to occur. I'm aware of what would happen if I ever do all these, I don't blame anyone because this is my own decision. I just want my rights as a human being, that's all ^^

Mulan unnie, thank you so much.... it's been a while since the last time we're spazzing together T.T I miss you so much~
Sakinah said…
unnie, i feel bad for u too ;(
(even if u say don't)..
if i'm at ur place, i will feel the same too if people just care about what they want but doesn't care bout people who are settling with this stuffs..aigoo~
go unnie go!
it's ur right..hehe
Miss Healerzz said…
@kina: why, i shouldn't stop you from feeling bad then! LOLz! But thanks honey~ i'm glad there are people who still understand ^^
mulan77 said…
yeah norfy... i'm soo busy with my work lately... soo many things to do... don't worry... the time will come hehehhehehe...
mulan77 said…
omo forgotten... i miss you too... norfy hwaiting!!!!
Anonymous said…
norfy fighting!!!
dont be sad...

Shina said…
aah...just ignore them, i know u have done ur best, people sometimes are impatient, please stay healthy!^^
Miss Healerzz said…
@Mulan unnie: LOLz! It's okay~ I'm always invisible at MY-SMTown recently~~ hehehehe~ no wonder people forgotten XD

@azimah: thanks honey~ glad to know your CDs has arrived :)

@Shina unnie: thanks unnie~ I don't know if it's my best, but I'll try the best to stay healthy ^^
me said…
just ignore them. thanks to you to do all this things.
Miss Healerzz said…
@me: awww....thank you so much, dear. Maybe I should try not to be so emotional about it ^^

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