Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Deliverance of MY-TVXQ Goodies!

I received a lot of good things recently, so happy ♥

First, Sungmin is going to appear more in TV

Second are these;

If you remember; Malaysian Cassiopeia had united and promoted MY-TVXQ as Official Fan Club in Malaysia but as Warner Music said they're only eligible as sole distributor for SM Entertainment's albums, MY-TVXQ couldn't be recognized as an official body. Yet, they're the main TVXQ fan base in Malaysia. RM40 of fees are needed to register as a member. People who paid can choose to stay or to redeem back their fees due to the issue.

I chose to stay with MY-TVXQ :)

And Viv Onnie delivered this news last week, here is the pic that she posted, stolen from MYTVXQZONE

*Pic courtesy of MYTVXQZONE

And here are my pictures

The notebook, I was so impressed with the hangul-blent with TVXQ words there

I'm a member!!

My payment receipt in my clear folder, it's really nice! I am so going to use it!!

Third; I'm going to the faculty that I had been dreaming all these time :D How about you? I hope you guys are happy with your life too~

Sayanghaeyo [LOTS]

p/s: I just need to blog about them ;) I freaking love those stuff!!

*First pic credits to as I did above, all the other pictures are MINE. Credits to Miss Healerzz@Sayanghaeyo.blogspot.com if taken out.


z a t i o said...

is there is suju official fan club in msia.. if there is i would like to join.. ;)

i love the goodies..

Miss Healerzz said...

How i wish there is one. But well, if it's established, I am sure that I will shout it out loud here! ^^

I'm still amazed on how RM40 could turns to, yeah! It's nice :D

me said...

nice goodies.
n congratz for the u thing!!

norfy hwaiting!

Miss Healerzz said...

thanks honey ^^ I really can't wait to get my butt off studying again.

me said...

i always wish that i take something related to multimedia. but i not that good n creative enough for any of the courses.
good for you taking it~

Miss Healerzz said...

Oh, it's not really multimedia that I'm going to, it's something about communication, implementing it through channels of medias :) what did you end up studying now?

me said...

oh.hehe.i'm studying engineering.