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Fangirl to fangirls:the problem that we share

LOLz! Yes, definitely our charm!

This is just a random observations that I did. And I don't quite think it's accurate, it's just that I think I can see the pattern of it.

1. Long hours on computer

-As what I can see, well, I myself did it, most of the fangirls out there spent numerous amount of time on their computer more than to anything else. Well, how can it not be? Downloading, keeping up with the news, watching videos, posting in your blog, forums and lots more that maybe I have no idea what you girls might be doing, hohohoz.

Seriously, this is not really a good thing. Well, first, it ate up majority amount of your time, thus rejecting other activities that you might plan to do. Second, you're near 'otaku'. Beware babes! Not to mention health convictions outcome like Carpal Tunnel Syndromme and Myopia.

And yes, there is absolutely something to do out of computer but you're still fangirling. Try learning that dance moves of your favorite MV. Maybe you didn't get it quite right, but hey! You learnt one or two moves! And not to mention it's some sort of work out too ;)

2. Wrong Body Clock

-Fangirls sleep late or sleep on the daylight. Don't lie to me, because some of you that I'm in contact with is having this problem. Me and a pal (*cough*Hoshie*cough*) do too, so don't be afraid to admit. You have to face it first before you could overcome it. Dearies, if you think you could handle the sleeping hours and cope with it, fine. I wouldn't say a thing. But I have to remind you what it'll effect you in life and school (or maybe work). You'll be so tired, dizzy on the head, eating disorders come afterward and yeah. You'll be seeing only computers since you woke up on the night and find there is nothing else to do. Creepy isn't it?

3. Using random english; no matter if it's international or local (when actually every body there understands you fairly if you're using local language, lolz!!).

- I lolz a lot while writing this one. Because this is actually my main problem since I'm 13!!! That time, I'm active in Exclusively Michael Jackson (closed within the year I registered for admin's personal issues) and my English was so BLEEHHH!! Seriously, I write just whatever I think I could get people to understand! And of course, I just post anything that I think I want to say without giving it a second thought!! I thought I was like this alone.

Before I see the same patterns at my new fandoms forums. Like, hahahaha! Since we're so used of getting info and reads in english, speaking in our native language is kind of awkward when it comes to fangirling. And when we're in some local fandoms, mixing English and our own native language slangas here and there are simply acceptable!! LOLz! I don't know if this is cute, but I do think this will improve your english. Best improvement when you participate in the discussions ^^ and yeah, read fanfictions. I've read fanfictions and even favor them more than the origingal story itself. Ex: Gundam Wings

There goes some craps. I need to design the message I'm going to send for Heenim and Jungsu.


p/s: I'm campaigning for fangirls are clever and beautiful to avoid the stereotypes that we're plastered on.

*pic credits to maker


me said…
yeah u r so rite!i sleep with my laptop n when i woke up, the 1st thing i will do is update the latest news.(including ur blog..lolz) then downloading and watching it (not once!repeat it many many times). i sleep whenever i want but need to wake up early for classes.(really not good).hehe.
z a ti o said…
yeah definitely so true.. most of things.. lolx.

but i just dont be too much fangirl if i in college.. holiday yes!
Miss Healerzz said…
That is why I'm worried us fangirls might get close to wrong side of Otaku! LOLz! I hope none of you involved to any serious anti-social problem, as I nearly get to that serious before x___x

let us all campaign for healthy fangirling and be proud of our hobby :)
me said…
yep. staying in front of laptop for a long time is not good. luckily i'm far from anti-social prob.

~support norfy for healthy fangirling!
why it's so correct? T-T
im in front of the laptop the whole day. 8D

but it really does help my english..a lot.. XD
when i read my old blog that i made 4 yrs ago..i wanna cry reading my's so..*insert puke sound*
and yeah its so hard to talk in malay after reading english the whole posting this in no true >.< my life is for fangirling only..

urgh..what kpop can't do to people?.. T_T

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