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Give way for TheFamousCookieDough!!

Kim Ryeowook (김려욱) is Super Junior's Eternal Magnae and he never stops to amuse us with his passion for music, vocals, and many more undisclosed talents of his. Though fellow SJ members and E.L.Fs are well adapted that he is one of the members who behold a powerful voice, I do remember him being a bit inferior by saying twice about not being recognise and not being loved. Once when he was in Thai and he got quite a pleasant surprise to see his name solely on cards being raised in the sea of fans. And another statement was made recently in one of their shows, if it's not Song Battle, it might be YeoYeoManMan.

I've come across Sungmin's fan whom had put a lot of efforts for Super Junior pictures, videos and fancams at her site, widely known as SarangSJ. Surely, I can't thank her enough for building the international hub for all Pink Pumpkins (Sungmin's fans) which is now I'm a regular visitor there, M-INvasion :) Thank you so much, Alex!!

And now I am proud to introduce to you, TheFamousCookieDough!!


Because, she is an avid fan of Ryeowook who had been uploading almost all cuts with Wookie on it!!! Yes, honey!! I've stumbled on a hardworking Wookie's fan!! Actually, P-sshi makes me watch one video of Wookie and when we're laughing at it, we realized that the uploader has LOTS OF WOOKIE's goodness. And yes, she seriously did all the cuts of Wookie and how Wookiefied she is? See this to believe.

*click for larger view*

Descriptions: Featured video in channel is Ryeowook's Birthday 2009 [darn early!], Background skin is Ryeowook's Super Show pic, Her channel's name is Cookie Loves Wookie (XD), I'm a subscriber of her channel and she got a Live Journal which provides audio rips of Wookie's!!

Descriptions: Left with blue hearts I marked there, is her reasons to love Wookie, and the right marks that I ticked on the video is all vids that is actually Ryeowook's cuts alone! Only two left which are Super Junior's vids. And lookie-lookie up there, her vids accumulated to 78 in total ♥

Why did I slashed her details on the channel and why only two pictures? BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO SEE HER SITES!!!

Visit her at YOUTUBE CHANNEL and LIVEJOURNAL and do leave some comments :D She is sure to be very happy to see more love for Wookie there.

And this is the video that me and P-Sshi were laughing at:-

And he instantly makes me want to marry him right away! But in P-sshi's case, she said:"Wookie blends well with the kids, the PD-nim might hires him solely for this episode," and I couldn't agree more for it XD


p/s: Me and P-sshi fall for Ryeowook at the first glance. So does Patrixiaie, a dongsaeng of mine and my daughter, Jojo, I don't know, but she is MADLY IN LOVE with Ryeowook! Ah~ it's good to know that Ryeowook is well-loved :3 Wookie oppa, don't worry, there are BUNCHES of love awaits you to embrace it~


me said…
thanks for sharing<3
now i know where to dig ryeowook's cut vids.^^
Miss Healerzz said…
thanks for commenting! make sure to leave a message to her :D

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