Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Global fans, they want us to BREAK UP!!




(Probably the largest and the oldest internet K-pop Community)


Up above are all INTERNATIONAL K-POP FANBASES that rapidly grow . These are only some forums that I REGISTERED and WENT. There are MORE that I haven't explored. Not to count fans that didn't join, there are LOTS OF THEM AROUND THE GLOBE.

Read this, will just take you a few secs to digest it all.

Done reading?

Can you see what the said people are trying to do? Let me tell you. From the point of view of a delusioned-non-Korean-fangirl who believes we had a great special relationship with our beloved stars; they are simply asking us to BREAK UP!! Break that relationship! Break that love! Break that support! Yes, break it all!!

I'm too mad, I'm not with the good sane of mind right now, but since Alex needs to share it, I felt like spreading it too. Just that, if I continue writing, I would end up with vulgars due to extensive maddening soul in me.

I see that global netizens (is that what they're calling us? Bloggers and forumers? O.O) are just plain annoyed with this. I don't like to get my readers dizzy, so I'll make it simple to chew and swallow.

Some examples of wrongdoings in the internet, especially sharing stuffs, like downloading mp3s and videos, it cause partly great loss to the producers of the goods as there are huge possibility of us buying it if we really like it but since it's available free in the internet, we don't buy. Do you get it? OK, they're looking at it this way.


Not all of us downloads and shares without BUYING their products. I believe majority of us BOUGHT the stuff and even anticipated for purchasing it so much in the cause of supporting our stars. And what drives us, the international fans goes beyond the border and hardships just to have that one piece of the latest K-Pop CD? Maybe even one little glowsticks??

Because WE LOVE THEM. We see them through the internet, we get to know the wave, we make friends with other people who loves them as well, we make communities, we share stories, we declare our love and even CHANGED OUR DREAMS BECAUSE OF THE INFLUENCE HALLYU WAVE SUMMONED ON US!! All of that was nicely done, thanks to the internet. Hallyu waves actually owes internet so much to get all the things Korean so famous and well loved. All of the huge communities wouldn't allow things such like illegal downloading and even helped the international fans to buy the original piece to support the stars. Some made streaming subs for those who can't reach Korean TV to watch Korean tv shows. Don't this helps curing a bit of the loss?

South Korea was dreaming to get the whole world gets the fever of the Hallyu wave. They're actually nearing it. But this one blunt moves are really killing the industry itself. No more sharing means no more communities. No communities means no more people. No more people means no more love. Seriously, this moves would just thrash all the hardwork they've done right into the dust bin. PLEASE THINK ONE STEP FURTHER!

I've said this in SarangSJ, but repeatance does no harm.

I would like to slap them on the face by saying this:
“A little bad thing for a greater outcome, why not?”


p/s: Can we just let them break our love like this? Would this be the end of us fangirling? *tears*


me said...

they are so JAHAT! if we can't download n upload, then how we are suppose to know bout their artists? how we can support them? it's not that they are giving us other option. it's not like we ddin't buy the legal 1, but the shows, performances. how we can watch it without internet?
i'm really worried + sad with the news....

z a t i o said...

ditto with me.
they shouldnt do this, how im going to watch their perf later on.. they just should thinking about fans outside korea who can only watch on9..
i feel bad about this..

Miss Healerzz said...

the new actions even scares the Korean netizens, some just made their daum blogs private just to be cautious.

we can see that few youtube accounts had been terminated for uploading shows, this is really serious.

they're doing it bits by bits

Nur 'Atiqah said...

I'm worried if they take down all videos from the internet. Not all of us staying in korea and also understand the language. How am i gonna do to stop them?? T_T