Sunday, June 21, 2009

생일 축하합니다 김려욱!! Happy 23rd Birthday Ryeowook oppa!!

And the Eternal Magnae turned 23 (Korean year) today!

This is my 2nd birthday post of you that I made in this blog. So be proud a bit! ^^

Dear Ryeowook oppa,

It seems that you grow another year today, congratulations! I hope you can always be the Eternal Magnae, no matter how much you've aged, because you're the only one in this world who could pull such 'magnae-ish' aura without failing at it. Yes, not even once :)

The first time listening to your voice, nobody couldn't help but to feel awe, to be suffocated of your talent, there is no doubt; you're gifted. When you displays it, how can people not love? How can one sane person could ignore? So whenever you think that you have no one adoring you, please think of your hardwork. You're loved and you're well-loved. Maybe much more than you've ever imagined. Have no doubt about it, because we're here, and we want to be visible to you ^^

Debut: Ryeowook's TWINS Promotional picture

Wookie during Miracle *^^*

Super Junior: U

Super Junior Vol.2: Don't Don *0*

Ryeowook as LiXu in SJ-M

Ryeowook Sorry Sorry at backstage :D

I hope you will have a good celebration, just the way you like it for this year. Writing more might just spoil the heartfelt on how thankful I am that you've born. So I will just end with: Happy Birthday, a year older, a year stronger and a year much happier!

친 하 영

and just because I love your acting so much:

Image Hosted by

I had to put it, the hottest best nerd I've ever seen ^^

**all piccies are photobucketed/googled and it's in my collections, so I have no idea where did I got it, but IT'S NOT MINE.

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