Wednesday, June 10, 2009

H.O.T :Our favorite boybands look up to them

H.O.T. promoting Candy (oh, dang! DBSK's Balloons anyone?? XD)

Whether you're E.L.F. Cassiopeia, VIP, Hottest, SHINee World, Triple S and all, you must know the father of all great boybands that established in our era.

H.O.T (Highfive Of Teenagers), is a Korean boyband under SM Entertainment; consisted of five members during the period of late 90s (1996-2001 to be exact). Together, they made 5 albums not including the live concerts and compilation hits.

H.O.T. Promoting Outside Castle
[Clockwise from middle; Jang Woo Hyuk, Moon Hee Jun, Lee Jae Won, Kang Ta and Tony Ahn]

H.O.T. members includes Kang Ta, Moon Hee Jun [leader], Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony Ahn and Lee Jae Wook. They had their own Candy color and number which I found interesting. It's a perfect group which starts the trend with the word 'IDOL' that had been labeled to nowadays boybands. This is the group that fires up fans to protect their beloved stars, and even rally against their disbandment.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This is the group that actually firestarted the craziness among fans in South Korea.

How powerful they are?

H.O.T. made songs that actually influenced the nation of South Korea. During economic depression, they made this song entitled 'HOPE' to cheer everybody believing there is always the light at the end of tunnels. 'We Are The Future' raised the awareness for fans (which is likely teenagers) of the school-bully issues during that years. And my personal favorite; 'Outside Castle' is indirectly campaigning for the disabled in the country. H.O.T. is indeed, is very much a dutiful boy band I've ever known.

Let me tell you. Junsu from DBSK is a big fan of H.O.T alongside Eunhyuk from Super Junior, they grew up with H.O.T's songs and was inspired by them. Sungmin once dressed like Tony Ahn in one event which I'm not sure what it is. Donghae memorized the moves that H.O.T. had for 'We Are The Future'. Big Bang sang 'Candy' complete with the uniform that H.O.T. had worn. SHINee paid tribute to H.O.T. by dancing 'We Are The Future' during their dance batlle 2008. And there are lots of uncovered area of artists that had been influenced by these five dudes. I couldn't manage to find every one of them :P A sea of fans actually rallied against H.O.T's disbandment, well. It sounds familiar isn't it? Yes, E.L.F did the same thing when they're protecting Only 13. Sunbaes much? LOL

Super Junior did their own version of 'Haengbok' which is originally sung by H.O.T. Many compares Jang Woo Hyuk's face with Eunhyuk because, well, they seriously resembles a lot! Just some random facts.

It's a shame that they had to disband, especially because of their talent weren't being appreciated much with low salaries and such. Now, the only one that sticks with SME is Kang Ta, most of them are still active in the entertainment industry. Some made their own label like Tony Ahn with Tony Entertainment and Moon Hee Jun with PS Entertainment, appearing as a rock star now. I wonder if Hee Chul and Jae Joong would like to pursue their dreams as a rock star like Hee Jun, the personality fits though ;)

However, fans of H.O.T. and the K-Pop enthusiasts would forever remember them as the father of all great boyband plus their influence and contribution to K-Pop arena. I dare to state that, there would be no boy bands like we had now if there is no H.O.T. This is my personal tribute to them; though I'm a late fan, loving them when they're not together anymore.

And yes I had my own bias, I love Tony Ahn the most ^^ Hahahaha! He is too cute to start with!! And his song is great too. Listen up!

As a sample of their greatness, my personal, very personal favorite. This song is the only 90's K-Pop that managed to get into my playlist; only after that I added up S.E.S and Shinhwa =P

*many thanks to DTHforever for all your H.O.T's vidz, it totally rocks!

So, what do you think of K-Pop during 90's now? My answer, I love them!


p/s: Hmm.....I'm very much a fangirl of SME's boys. Hmmm......


me said...

because of sj i started dig everything bout kpop, especially boybands. i do not know much bout h.o.t coz they already diband but i like their songs. i like shinhwa the best. their songs, character and friendship.

Miss Healerzz said...

^ shinhwa is my second favorite, I have to adore that togetherness they had there ^^