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June: Definitely a month of miwo

So June is about to leave and we'll welcome July in a matter of few hours.

I was so hyper when it comes to June, Ryeowook's birthday, Sayanghaeyo's anniversary as well as mine being E.L.F., SarangSJ's turns a year, and yeah. E.L.F. celebrates their officialty in this month too. It was supposed to be a very happy month, but who knows what God had prepares for us all.

It was completely shocking when I found my all-time favorite entertainer has gone. Michael Jackson had been my sole source of fangirling, I brought up brave and outspoken of a fangirl because I had to deny rumors that went to him. It was heavy, and I'm only 14 when I started that. I get to know ebay, I communicated with other side of the globe, learnt the fan terms such as fanfictions and stuff, I bought his albums and memorized all the songs, parodized it and more. His effort on humanitarian stuff influenced me also, it gets on me a lot. I' m an active youth organization official volunteer (won't state which one) because he made me care.

And while I'm mourning, I got my updates from P-Sshi and I frowned even more. First, Sungmin with his knees injury. I was disheartened when I heard 12 stitches was performed on him!!! Gosh.....and he still I admire his dedication.... and we lose a chance to see attractive girl-boy Sungmin performing Gee with all his heart. Oh man.... I wish he could get well soon....if he can't than don't. I DEMAND TO SEE HIM HEALED PERFECTLY BEFORE HITTING THAT STAGE!!! And dang, nobody can stop my baby Min from performing when he wants it, right? *sigh* Just....get well, oppa. I love you. We love you.

Oh, man. No, not after Sungmin's injury.....Jinki's flash news really bothers me. Like, I can understand his feeling! It's like near-death experience! When everybody was concerning about KBS systems that FAILS there, I'm still mourning and just hope the boy could heal that feelings much sooner. Just got his toothy accident, and fainting on stage afterwards.... something is really not good with this month.

I might want to see the good of this month too. Just to be fair, Oppa Band sought an increase of 5-6% and while it doesn't meet Sungmin's resolutions, I'm sure everybody is happy with it ^^ The birth of Boys Generation, Super Junior at the Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards, DBSK releasing photobook, SHINee's winning multiple times and the most important to me is, Malaysian E.L.F. Tee arrived. Given me a lot of joy (although it's really BIG for me!! LOLz).

I'm hitting my pre-hiatus, college is getting on me back. It's been a while since the last time I went to classes hope everything goes fine, and yeah. Fangirling still goes on, but it won't be as often like I did before. But I can assure you I can't resist the Super Show's spazzing!! XD

I just hope July and onwards give us much happier moments. I love you all.


p/s: I found a blog that plagiarized the reviews I write in Sayanghaeyo and few other blogs got terminated. Somehow, I felt bad for the author, maybe he/she just want to share but didn't know how to do it right. Hoping all the best for the author to shed some light on it. Peace.


me said…
i also hope this month and the following months will be better months for all of us.. ^^
donn said…
I really can't accept Micheal has gone.He's sinless and why he have to suffer so much? Like u,He's my beloved idol too.This news really made me sorrow and convulse these days.Anyway,hope that there're some good in next month.
Sakinah said…
i agreed with u unnie..
eventhough its my birth month,*bday sme ngn wookie*hihi but i don't think i got the time to be happy since probs just keep on approaching me..^^;;;
and MJ's's really shocked me as well..
i rmmber i searched for his history album and strt dancing to black and white when i just 6 years old..huhu
May Allah bless him always..

sori for touching2 unnie..
can't help it..
Miss Healerzz said…
@me: I can't agree more, may God's willing

@donn: Hi there :D omg, it's been years since the last time people told me they're MJ's fan! Coz the prob is when people kept focusing on his scandals and not on his music.... so when he just gone,'s really a big loss

@kinah: oh it's your birthday? Happy belated birthday honey ^^ MJ is indeed our childhood hero...I mean, most of us here probably listened to his songs first before other pop songs

it's okay, i'm being over-sensitive about it too, this is King of Pop we're talking about *sniffs*

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