Friday, June 26, 2009

A Moment of Silence, dear readers

Michael Joseph Jackson@Mikaeel
29 August 1958-25th June 2009

How can I count the numbers of people influenced by you?
I've been a fan of you for a very long time
How have I wished to see you before
But you've gone

For the King that I always pray for
For the man that taught me what patience is
For the entertainer that had been my first love
All this while I've never stop loving you
I always believe in you, no matter what
But you've gone

The restless life that held you cruelly, it's gone now

Rest In Peace Mikaeel, you're now free at last

I have always love you

Beloved fan since 1993

Innalillah WaInnailaihi Roji'oun
*As a sign of mourning, I will not be available online for three days.
Please understand. Thank you.


Heekmah {Mrs. Hwang} said...

Rest in Peace

fishama87 said...

rest in peace Michael...

semoga rohmu ditempatkan disisi org2 yg soleh..amin~

Miss Healerzz said...

Thankies for all of your concern, honeys~ Thanks for even care~

donn said...

Wow,you're his fans in the early year of 1993..You're lucky enough.Did you watched Jackson's performance in the year of 1996 in Malaysia?

Miss Healerzz said...

@donn: Nope! I'm raised in conventional family and I'm not legal at that year, LOL! But yeah, I do remember the hype of him getting here~ hahaha~