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Because I believe God forgive us for having evil thoughts and only cast us as sinned when we finally did the unrights, I had to practice God's generosity as well and forgives you for being ignorant. I had to tell you this.

Yes, I'm a fangirl. I do whatever I can to support my beloved stars, especially Super Junior. That is why this blog established and THIS IS NOT THE BLOG THAT I SHARE MY PERSONAL LIFE. This is made for my fangirling purpose only. Promoting, spreading and giving out my thoughts. Followers surely understand what Sayanghaeyo mainly did.

Thus, I would like to call all of you who had the intention to promote anything or present anything here, DO NOT SPAM YOUR PROMOTIONS IN MY CHAT BOX, COMMENTS OR TO ANY OF SITES THAT I LINK AWAY HERE. I don't care if you're promoting the love of my life (Super Junior), but MANNERS IS MANNERS. Do tell me at the chatbox just whatever purpose you want me to promote and leave your email/website/both and I'll contact you for it.

I've been spammed for the same thing like two times and I AM OFFENDED TOTALLY. To prevent things like this from repeating; this is what Sayanghaeyo stands for. Hope you had a clear view of it.

1. Sayanghaeyo is spreading ONLY CREDIBLE and RELIABLE events/petitions/news/etc. If your request (legally or illegally) are not entertained, please understand that Sayanghaeyo did not recognize you as reliable. Reliable means the events/petitions/news/etc. had a team of professional members, strong sources and has a thorough plan of it.

2. Sayanghaeyo associates greatly with MY-TVXQ, Sapphirepearls Malaysia (a branch of Sapphirepearls), MY-SMTown and MYSJ thus only provides legal announcement regarding to any news of TVXQ and Super Junior that involves Malaysia.

Just to keep you assured, Sayanghaeyo owner is:
  1. A member of MY-TVXQ and is in contact with ONE of the admins.*
  2. ONE of the authors of Sapphirepearls (global) and Sapphirepearls Malaysia.
  3. Affiliates with MYSJ (whom brought you petition for Sorry Sorry Malaysian version) and is in contact with TWO members of the comittee board.**
  4. ONE of MY-SMTown's Team members.***
Hence, the owner believes only the stated teams above as they had a very strong history and profile in making it here in Malaysia. Even so that I'm already familiar with them, when they need to promote their purposes, they STILL CONTACT ME PERSONALLY AND NEVER SPAM DIRECTLY HERE. Spamming here just proven to me how unprofessional you are, thus rips my trust over you INSTANTLY. Why? Because I've spammed somewhere else before and I got scolded numerous times, I learnt and now I FILTER ONLY THE RELIABLE ONES to my visitors.

3. Sayanghaeyo STATES when it involves personal views and encourages healthy discussions, not bashing. Any posts that are made of my personal views are stated and tagged POV (Point of View) or Me when I post a bit about myself. Facts are tagged with FACTS. This purpose is to make this site stay relevant. Though Sayanghaeyo is heavily biased on Super Junior, that is not an excuse to bash other celebrities. There is no peace within spaces if you don't start it within you. Make your stars loved by being a nice, well-mannered fan.

4. The owner is not a nice person. The third time you did things that I detested here, I AM NOT GOING TO TOLERATE IT and MIGHT BE SHOWING YOU ON MY WALL OF SHAME.

Thank you.


p/s: I nags a lot recently. Honestly, it's just because I don't want you to repeat that habits at the other sites. I happened to did all the wrong doings before so I don't wish you to do the same thing. Prevention is better than cure.

* Jin Hye In Onnie (if you're a long time Malaysian Cassiopeia, you should know her).
** Vice President [Karen] and Director of Panel Management [Jasmine]
*** Global Moderator


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