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SJ-World Wookie's Birthday Project [REPORT]

LATE REPORT!!! I'M SO DAMNED SORRY!!! Was busy without any internet access and if I have, I just checked my mails for some important things!!!

So here is the financial report:-
  1. Postal Charge: RM95 (weighted more than 1kg)
  2. Fuel Surcharge: RM9.5
  3. Insurance:RM9.5
  4. Wrap papers: RM0.60 <<
  5. Bubble Wrap: RM3.90
  6. Actual cost: RM118.50
  7. RM118.50 to 7=16.928571428571428571428571428571

As you can see, the fees that we shared is enough. Thankfully we decided on taking the extra pre-caution :)

I should have RM119 in hand by the time I'm sending the parcel off. Some of you transferred extra RM3 (RM20 to be exact) and I'll try to see what to do with the extra money. I was thinking to donate to SJ-World, but the amount is not decent for the cause so I end up by saving it for upcoming project. I hope it would be fine for you ^^; and oh, if you're wondering, the 50 cents was sponsored by this kind pakcik because I'm aegyeo-ing like that so credits to Pak Din too ^^

And as promised, here are the pictures of the parcel:-

The box; wrapped carelessly with my non-artsy fingers

CDs arranged according to artists name alphabetical order

Layer of bubble wrap, newspapers, CDs, newspapers, bubble wrap, newspapers, CDs, newspapers, bubble wrap and ends with newspapers. FYI; somebody in the forum warned about the melting bubble wrap so I decides to have THOSE LAYERS! Told you I'm psyco like that.

At the box; a quick list for Alice to see our changes of CDs

RM1 for the balance, kind of funny :P

.....And some extra stuffy

Sorry Sorry Malaysian version specially bought for Alice ^^ since she is Jungsu's bias, so I get a card of him for her. And credits to my sister for the handwriting. Mine is so bad so I had to get a help from her. You can see a key chain of 'Keris' engraved with 'Malacca, Malaysia' in the Speedy bag. Hope she'll like it :D

Participants, if you have any more questions regarding to this, do not hesitate to ask me. I want to be transparent with you because this is our parcel together. 

Many thanks once again to all of you who joined this ^^ Hope we can do this together again, and more participation for the next time to control the fees. LOLz


p/s: I MISS BLOGGING LIKE H***!!! And the completely wrapped parcel picture is not uploaded yet. I'll do it later.


Sakinah said…
omo unnie!!
i'm so happy reading ur post..
and our parcels pics^^
i saw my cd~lol
really thanks a lot to u unnie for volunteer to handle this stuffs..
u're great!
i hope we can join again for another project too..
it's really nice to work with u..hehe
*hands in cookies*^^~
Miss Healerzz said…
*grabs cookies and munch it all in one go* hank hyou, hinah~ hi'm hlad hyou hlike hit ^^
and it's really nothing. Normal for people to be cautious with other people's stuff ;)
Shina said…
i saw my cd too, thanx-almas0219
Miss Healerzz said…
You're welcome umi ^^

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