Saturday, July 11, 2009

❤small announcement, sayangs❤

For E.L.F who had ordered the Malaysian E.L.F Tee, the tee had been sent to MYSJ in K.L.
Soon after they get the bulk, the responsive team will be sending out as soon as possible.
Please look forward for it within this two weeks :)

I was thinking for keeping the information by myself because surprises are nice.
But some of you are so in need to know the details, so I had to tell how is the tee going on now.

Do tell me when you get the tee ya? My shoutbox, comments or mail can be use for this purpose. And I couldn't be able to recognize every single person so please make sure you state your real name when you're reporting the arrival of your tee ^^

For Penangites, the tees are sent to you earlier because the supplier is at Penang.

Don't forget to join the blood donation event!!



me said...

oh thank you <3
can't wait to try the t-shirt ^^

Miss Healerzz said...

i haven't got mine but some fans reported theirs already :D was so green with envy right now!! hee hee~

+akufobia+ said...


Icq said...

hey, the shirt already sent out all? aish. Ida said she just get 1. alskdfjfg.

me said...

i just got mine. i will give u my name through email. i not even see it yet as i'm at college. can't wait to go back home to try it.
nway thanks for u guys hard work

Miss Healerzz said...

@+akufobia+: hey, welcome to my small tavern of K-pop!

@Icq: she did sent to me her confirmation. Yours not yet? O.O

@me: okay, just let me know you're 'me' okay? :)

Happy trying out the shirt!^^
Just got mine today too :D

Icq said...

aish, i belum get it. geeez, but what if they sent to my house? how m i gonna to explain to my mum. duhh.

Miss Healerzz said...

O.O your mom don't know, eh? Just say you don't know, got somebody gave you a present. Internet buddy~ lolz

me said...

oh no. my sis told me that the tee is too large. seems i picked a wrong size..hehe

Miss Healerzz said...

^I got the same problem too~ hahaha~ now I need to get it customized because I love the length, it's 'Heechul-ish' XD

Izzie said...

^^^ good reasons..LOL i would tell my mom that if things i bought online got posted at my home afta this

Miss Healerzz said...

^Damn, Good Lord who owns us all above, please forgive this servant for spreading bad ideas to younger children

me said...

do u get my email

Miss Healerzz said...

Yes, I already got your mail :) thanks for informing ^^

Sakinah said...

i already receive the t-shirts..
thank u so much to all the team..^^
can't wait to where it
i will try my best to attend the blood donation..
sem 3 nek 6th july..@__@
lots of love,,
sakinah shaukat..

Anonymous said...

i juz got d tee today..
but unfortunately its too big for me..=.=
i also picked d wrong size..

Miss Healerzz said...

@kinah: thanks for your interest to attend the event sayang~❤ Oh, sem 3 dah? It's okay, early sem biasa tade ap2 sgt. Hehehe~

@anonymous: LOLz! We all thought the shirt is going to be too small that we had it all in big sizes!! I hope you can tell me your name so I could check my list, ok? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

my tees already arrived at my hometown.. from penang right??

yeay. cant wait to catch the tees.. im at shah alam tees at kota bharu..

nor azimah mohd nor - kelantan

2 tee..arrived!

thank u norfy and mysj!



Miss Healerzz said...

@azimah: thanks for informing ya? :D