Friday, June 12, 2009

South KoreaXMalaysia: OTP? LOLz

Up above are the pictures of how the Malaysian Embassy at Seoul, South Korea looks like.

Let me babble to you about how the Malaysia and S.Korea ties the knot approximately 50 years ago. Yes honey, indulge to some information on how long our country getting engaged with S. Korea relationship. Back at that time, Hallyu wave is not as strong as it is now. Oh, well, not until recent. Well, I do remember a conference back four years ago (during my high-school days) with three seniors, one recruited to Japanese Uni, another to Korean Uni and the other is Egypt. Honeys, the most famous is the Japanese-admitted senior and second is Egypt-admitted. Nobody wants to ask the Korean-admitted. WHICH I REGRETTED TRUTHFULLY NOW!!!!

Oh well. Read on how we tied the relationship here. Should I call this OTP MalHan (Hangguk=Korea)? LOLz!! So, a new label. MalHan.

It's amazing to know how Korean is actually interested to live in Malaysia. Or else, there would be no Koreatown at Ampang. According to South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade; there are 14,580 individuals in 2009, triple the numbers of 5,920 during 2005. Wow! We might be bumping to any Koreans when we actually maneuvering around Kuala Lumpur (Ampang, Mont Kiara), Selangor (Ampang, Bandar Sunway, Kota Damansara, Subang Jaya). So better prettify your hangul whenever you think you feel like crappings some hangul phrase (I did that!). LOLz!!

Why so many Koreans? Well, mostly because of study. 2000 individuals of the total numbers I stated above, are students. Koreans are the 5th largest student who goes for South East Asia. And believe it or not, 90% Koreans chose Malaysia to study. Some international school even had to stop the admission from Koreans because they had become too large of numbers in the international community. If admitting them alone, it might cause it to be Korean majority within the international school. LOLz!! And we actually complaints a lot about our higher educational system. A bit embarrassed (because I did that~). Read the most recent things about the educational stuff of MalHan here. And if you want to further reading about it, try this article. And hey hey hey, don't be in such state of shock when read this one! Even the Korean marine is interested on us *nudge*nudge*

Another thing that interested Koreans in Malaysia is probably tourism. Hey! Great beaches, great mountains, sunny all year long with slight wet seasons, it's a perfect breakaway for any four-seasons countries. During 2006, 200,000 Korean tourits checked in Malaysia, with Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as their favorite stop. Don't believe me eh? I know, so you can spare some time to read this one.

Woot! Woot! Because of these established lovely bonding we had with MalHan (I'm starting to like this OTP), South Korea and Malaysia is loving each other with some trading business together. Here is the latest deal dated 31st May 2009, and there is no harm to read something back in last year right? So get your knowledge to read this short invitation of S.Korea to Malaysian about Jeju Island ;)

Malaysian Prime Minister; YAB Najib Tun Razak with South Korea President; Lee Myung Bak

This crapping made because I googled up South Korea Malaysia and came to read all these articles I shared within here. Think this is such a great things to share, I decide to make a post about it. And who says fangirls are ignorant? I 'boo' you to even think of that statement!! I'M CAMPAIGNING TO ERASE THE STEREOTYPES THAT FANGIRLS ARE STUPID!!! JOIN THE BLOOD DONATION EVENT FANS!! Come and join just whoever you are, Cass, S♥ne, TripleS, Hottest, VIP, Wonderfuls, SHINee World, Primadonnas, whoever you are, come and prove how we are there to contribute to society!!!


p/s: People said my dad resembles Najib, and I resembles my dad. Go figure? lol!

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