Monday, June 15, 2009

Spazzing about the upcoming Oppa Band

The Oppa Band; I'm anticipating

I got to admit that AKP is addictive even when I want to hate that site for quite a number of reasons. It's seriously hate you love you situation for me. But since the additional of CoolSmurf there, it brings a lot more acceptable writings and I found that reasonable jokes can FINALLY be found there.

So I found Oppa Band's news and what is there not to love?? Lines of cool dudes are there!! I bet P-sshi would be excited too, she had some soft spot for Shin Dong Yup and Park Hyun Bin anyway. And aww... I always love Shin Dong Yup. Such a sweet and cool ahjussi. Park Hyun Bin?? Maybe I should believe that oppa once~ Kim Gura is the producer, I wonder if this would be a fail, because seriously, Kim Gura never fails at entertaining.

For my own reason, I will keep my eye on Sungmin. I can't help it when he holds any musical instruments in his hands; I just have to watch closely and I love his aura with it. He is just too talented and too sexy charismatic with the instruments to blink an eye for. I'll just have a bottle of eyemo at my side when watching it. Kidding. And I'm definitely going to watch it even if it's non-subbed!! Sungmin-bias. What can I say.....

Still, I'm worried on how worth he could be in the show? I mean, as much biased I am to Ming, I am definitely criticizing him!! Don't believe me? Here are my complete discussions with P-Sshi.

Sungmin is too nice, too good of a boy. Probably a guy we would want to teach our children. Thus he always kept himself so polite and mannered that he holds back doing things in front of audiences.

Sungmin is boring. I hardly can watch his entire line of Chunji videos because I will get struck on boredom. When I'm watching him in varieties, he is cute and cool but he is no fun.

Sungmin is introverted. I do think he is one when reading a lot of interviews and cyworlds. His gestures in most pictures and shows shouts he is introverted too. funny at some times only. He is too calm for his own goods.

I remark it all as, that is why we don't or can't see Sungmin at the first glance browsing the flower boys in Super Junior. I believe most Sungmin lover out there had to admit Ming is not our first love in SJ nor did we fall for him at the first sight. Sungmin is someone who has personality charm that only some people would appreciate and love.

MBC's experiment had been in a lot of fails recently. 2009 is not a good year for them I see. Maybe this show will come out as good? Maybe another fail? Personally, I'm interested. Because this is such a rare thing to see, not because of Sungmin only, but Shin Dong Yup and Trot singer Park Hyun Bin is going to rock the stage!!!

Oppa Band, let's see if I'll wail out 'Sayanghaeyo!!! Oppa!!!' when I watch you guys out


p/s: For some random case, I've come across a badminton's news in Singapore about a China shuttler named 'ZhouMi'. I lol-ed so hard as I imagined SJ-M's Mimi playing badminton with Hangeng when I read the name!!! And yeah, the badminton player is a female :P

*everybody knows I get that pic from AllKPop. So yeah, credits to them *rolls eyes*

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