Monday, June 1, 2009

슈퍼주니어 spells love, warm and care

*credits to 911urnobody

Do I have to spoil your fun by describing what it's going to show in the vid? No, since it's a short one anyway, so I won't spazz about it ;) But look forward for this moment. It's really heart-warming to see SJ spending their time doing some light public service. And yes, it's not subbed. Like what you just see? Come download it here!

Seeing this video really reminds me to Haengbok's MV? (I hate myself putting question's mark!!). Where they're out to offer free hugs in the MV. I do think it's a really nice song to cheer up and refreshing to even listening to it early in a day. Okay, yeah. I did listen to it in the morning to kick-start my day. What? Don't you do that?

*credits to xlilhammx@YouTube

*credits to DTHforever@YT

Up here is H.O.T's Haengbok's MV, they're the original singer of this song as well as Super Junior's sunbaes. Yet, only Kang Ta is sticking with SME now. It's a nightmare when they disbanded as H.O.T's fame is compatible with DBSK's during 90's era. They're the boyband that influenced most of the Korean pop boybands nowadays, even some celebrities publicly tell they're fans of H.O.T (High-five of Teenagers). Know more of H.O.T here :) And my personal favorite member of H.O.T is Tony Ahn, while song, I really love Outside Castle the most. Oh, damn, I should blog about H.O.T next!!

And it's June now honey bunches!!! Ryeowook would turn 22 (23 Korean age) on 21st of June~~ and here in Sayanghaeyo, he is the first SJ member that I wish his birthday :D Not to forget that Sayanghaeyo would celebrate it's first anniversary, equals to my anniversary in E.L.F-ing!!

Expect me to be extra michyeo and generous at the same time :) I won't tell when is the day, I'll keep it quiet until you sense something is wrong is happening here!! And when I say michyeo, I mean it!


p/s: Jang Woo Hyuk, Kang Ta, Moon Hee Jun, Tony Ahn, Lee Jae Woon; how did I digged out all the 90's K-Pop when I just migrated from J-Rock to K-Pop last year??? Internet is a wonderful land, seriously~

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