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Super Junior is addictive, hands down.

Because they're plain HOT!

I went for some good shop-a-holic hours with one of my bff, Oceanids [her alter ego ^^] and went like lines of shops within two malls at once!

Well, that is not the point. We were having lunch when she said that she needs to confess something. The French-crazer mademoiselle admits that she started to like Super Junior's Sorry Sorry. I laughed and clap my hands like somekind of insane girl when she spills it!! I've known her long for her cravings and fanatics of French stuffies. She can even understands French really well and how she rejected my ideas of trying some Asian entertainment is engraved deeply in my head.

So she thought that I'm going to laugh at her when she confessed that Sorry Sorry is so damn nice, she thinks the song is outdated for us, the follower of Super Junior. I said, there is no such things as outdated for us. And it's not even late for her, at least she heard Sorry Sorry within the time frame of promoting the song. I'm downright fail! I learnt SJ when Don't Don has already done promoting!! XD She is glad to know that, but goes embarrassed again when it comes to disclosing her favorite member. Oceanids surely had difficulties to remember all 13 wonderful boys, but one had really snatched her heart wholly. I was wondering who??

Describing just how he looks like, and down it comes to E.H.B. series, I was all dizzy trying to get the idea of who he is. She said the member is a bit girly and gayish. I quickly spits out: "Heechul??" and shove to her my phone to show his face. Surprisingly, she didn't recognize him!! I mean, how come people ignore Heechul?? LOLz. And we found out, it's RYEOWOOK when she squeals seeing this picture.

I tell her just whatever wonderful about Ryeowook. Oceanids was so lovey dovey when she listens to all the spazzings I offers her. Because she said, her K-freaks friends was laughing at her when she said, this guy really attracts me. And I was like...oh,dear. How could they? I mean, it's OK to criticize the boys. But don't laugh at others' favorite member, especially when she/he just learnt to love them. Not an attitude I'd approve for a fangirl :(

After a whole day of shopping, I went back home and got a call from my Singaporean bff :D Let's just call her Tea. We were catching up with each others news and had some intense discussions on politics, religions and stuff. And at some point, she brings up about Wonder Girls. Tea was well known for her unlikeness or unfavor habits when it comes to East Asian stuffs which really upsets me at times. She was in love with Wonder Girls' Nobody and even danced to it! It's really nice, and I highly suggested her to search for Super Junior Sorry Sorry. Right now, she might be YouTubing for it ^^
Because they're dorky hwangjas!!!

And I'd be glad to bet that she would love it to the max! Hereby, I would like to remind you guys out there who haven't heard of Super Junior, go look for them now. Because, once you get your hands on it, it'd just steals your heart with their own unique charm and yes, you won't believe it yourself how addictive they are.

I am just glad that Oceannids and Tea; whom had always say NO! to Asian pop culture, are finally COLLIDE TO IT!! XD XD XD

Reminds me to this phrase that Jungsu has always love:
"Until The Day The World Is Filled With Pearl Sapphire Blue Balloons"

Because the dear love that we both share, Super Junior and E.L.F.


p/s: Oppa Band, how was it? I was out all day long and just got home. I wish I could see it live T^T and Heenim, maybe I should make a force to go look for that missing phone and threat him a lot!! XD That'd be fun!

**first vid credits to enoughz@YouTube, 2nd to death89haebum@YouTube and the last one credits to EverlastingFriends@YouTube for the creation and Joannetayy@YouTube for the re-upload :)


me said…
haha. i remember how i spread ehb to all my frens. they really love it and asked for more. some of them become real fans and blame's hard to not atleast like SUJU a bit. they are just so lovely.

i miss them already
Miss Healerzz said…
E.H.B is probably the best to enhance and expose others to love SJ so much. Just because 13 prince-like guys are fooling around in the show~ lolz!!

aaawww~ let's just wait for their SuShow :D
me said…
i think no other boyband can be as cute and pretty as super junior. how can they be cute, hot, sexy and masculine at the same time. that's one of their attraction.

~countdown super show 24 days to go!
Miss Healerzz said…
XD I agree!

the pleasure of enjoying 13 different personalities, 13 different updates and 1 love of it all

3 days of SuShow at Korea, how can I not be envious? =3=
me said…
i think we should fly there!!
i'm out of my mind.hehe

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