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What turns me off when it comes to girls band

FINKL (Fine Killing Liberty)
1998-2005 [DSP Entertainment]

Sugary sweet, cutesie image. I don't know if it's become a cultural trend in S.Korea, but I really don't need another group with these kind of image. Please make a revolution in girls group history please. 

Thus, the upcoming birth of CRYSTAL from SM makes me felt bothered. I wish they could produce another BoA or maybe BoA-like group of girls. Maybe some elegant group like CSJH? But it turns me off SUPERBLY when they said it's SHINee's female version.

Gosh. H.O.T female version. Big Bang female version. Super Junior female version. Now SHINee's female version? What are these entertainment heads are thinking? Oh, wow. I would use some Wonder Girls Male version and that is not include Wonder Boys. Stop making girls version out of the established boy bands. It would give out the feelings of unoriginality and we tend to compare the original with the 'version'. I don't really like this idea, seriously. 

Please give the girls band some good image that they are standing on their own brand and style. 

original Baby Vox (Baby Voices of Xpressions)
1999-2005 [DR Music]

Alright, here I would like to disclose that I like it when I see guys acting the other ways a guy should. Not saying that guys with sissy-ness, but more to like getting out from that stereotypical manly image and creating their own description of manly. Self-style is the best word to describe it. I guess that is one of the reason why I like Super Junior; and that should explain a bit why my top biases are Sungmin, Ryeowook and Heenim. 

So it goes the same to girls band. Female and it's classic association to feminity kind of bores me. I would like to see some twist of toughness while they taunt that feminity as well. It's more like I love to see girls who are strongly rooted, getting the picture that we're not girls who you can easily get but you can't help falling for us. In Wonder Girls, I really adore Yoobin for her position as a rapper; it takes a talent for some to rap excellently and she is all tough on her image yet there is a slight elegantness there. SNSD, I adore so much Hyo Yeon for her charismatic aura when she dance off her feet. I had a crush on Soo Young as well, her toughness shows the best out of all girls even whe she is playing around. 

S.E.S (Sea, Eugene, Shoo)
1997-2002 [SM Entertainment]

My dream team of girls band would be Son Dam Bi, BoA, Zhang Li Yin, Soo Young, Hyo Yeon, Park Gyuri (KARA), Yoobin and CL (2NE1) in one band, mentored by Lee Hyori. That would be some kicking awesome group but hey, that is just my pick and it's based on their level of fierceness. Li Yin is not fierce? I gave her the position to be adored as the most feminine as well as HyoYeon there (yes, she is feminine much!)~ She would be the lead vocal of the group. I adore her so much! *shall blog about her soon*

So I guess this long post should give you my brief POV on girls band? My personal view, no bashing please. Discussion is invited anyway.


p/s: I'm still keeping an eye on CRYSTAL anyway, simply because SM is finally going to debut the first female rapper in the company!!!


Mariel said…
It's like everything's a trend!! Ugh seriously, IDK, I LOVE S.E.S OMG HAHA I LOVE SOOYOUNG TOO.


But bleh, I think I'm giving it a chance like I did to 2NE1. I just need to see MORE of 2NE1 for them to prove something. LOL

Same with Crystal. BUT BLAH SO YOUNG.
Miss Healerzz said…

Agree, maybe it's too early to judge 2NE1. I'm not a fan yet, nor am I an anti yet *evil smirk*

My main worries, it's getting younger and younger and got a point I'm missing there

and yes, I *saranghae with hands* you too ^^

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