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[Random] Seriously random~

Take a look and GUESSS who of all Super Junior member own this hot biceps!!!!!!!!! Ignore my stupid try-out to remove watermarks there Hint: He said he gained weight, actually, it's THIS!!! LOL
-------EDIT------- OKAY! Something I am so damned pissed at came up, I had to reveal the answer in order to blog about it. Here is the full pic for the answer:-
*credits as tagged +
It's our crazy oppa, KIM HEE CHUL's!!!!
I was sipping some Ribena at the moment I look at the pic, and yeah. I did drools as soon as I see it up close!! LOLzzz
Damn, Heenim is getting buff~ and it's not that I'm complaining of him being skinny. But this is just....*crazy smile* I LIKE! Thanks for being healthy oppa!! ^^
Congratulations to heekmah for the correct guess at the first attempt! ====================================================================
This is for my love to 2NE1, a reality show if you're curious ho…

Something out of the blue...I mean, Super Junior LOL

*credits to RandomRinnie for the upload
*credits to lidiya for the upload
Watching FTI and TRAX (is it only me or Asian guys with bleached hair is totally attractive?) makes me wonder if we could see some sort of more female rock bands. And I found this bunch of Japanese girls, Scandal. Now I would like to see them jam together!! XD

*credits to deuxksy for the upload
And before this short school leave ends, I'm struggling to finish episodes of Oppa Band and now Wild Bunny got me gaga over them~ LOL
p/s: Remember Oceanids that I told you before? She is now totally in love with Ryeowook~ Hahaha~ now I know what should I get her for this year's birthday---A GLOWSTICK!!--- Since P-Sshi is being a silent reader here, I'm not going to disclose what she'd get for this year :P

Prepare for trouble and make it Super Show II

I made a quick list that is needed to be done before SSII arrived here in Malaysia

1) Money
Somehow, I'm presenting this picture by saying: If you want it, pay, okies?? LOLz!!
Money is going to be the utmost savior and bases you're going to need while surviving fangirling in SSII. The tickets, I'm warning you is going to be a lot expensive than DBSK's are. We're talking about 13 boys expenses, so yeah. If you want the best seat, prepare for the faint-effect-price. How about the concert's goods? Transportation? Accomodation? Fans signature? Gifts? Bear all that in mind. $$ is so important and you're going to need LOTS OF IT.
2) Stamina Believe me. You're going to be a SUPER GIRL once SUPER SHOW II landed here in Malaysia. Running here and there for the whole day should be in your list, that if you're going to welcome them at the airport (which I believe every each of us would want to do!!) and rushes to the concert afterwards. My advice is, you're goi…

A fangirl (and showing it!)

I'm proudly showing off myself with these. Learning with MY-TVXQ! notebook and wearing the straps on my student's card (my membership card is in my purse all the time ^^).
Though I consider myself 20% Cassiopeia, 25% SHINee World and 50% E.L.F (5% are for others). These items are just perfect to tell people my admiration on K-Pop. And no, I don't have Sungmin's pencil case, Junsu's ballpen or Heechul's phone strap. I just...don't go beyond that..... it would spoil my studying mood!! And exposing too much would makes you look ridiculous, not cool! Or we Malay calls: POYO!!!
Sayanghaeyo Norfy

I love fanboys and I cannot lie♥

Yesterday was epic
Got a call from my ex-schoolmate (currently studying at the same uni) asking if I want to hit home with her after noon' prayer since our campus is closed for a week starting yesterday. I said yes and she adds that another ex-schoolmate is going to join the ride too. I was, whatever. You're the owner of the wheels.
*credits to mylove2pm@YouTube
And I never know that this additional member of riding home is A SUPER JUNIOR'S FANBOY!!! KYAAAAHHHH!!!!
Okay. I didn't know he is a fan until my girlfriend (let's call her Miyammor) said sorry and I tried to be funny by dancing 'Sorry Sorry' with hands friction. Guess what? The fella (let's call him Ninja) at the back screamed and said:"YOU FREAKING KNOW THAT BAND???" And I was O__O of course I am, I'm a LUNATIC FAN!!! A CRAZY E.L.F.!!! And both of us starts to dance Sorry Sorry, lenghtening to dancing 'Gee', poor my girlfriend who had no idea what are we talking about. There…

Kiss Min Through The Phone

Aahahahha~ Have you read about Sungmin's kissing case? Click and read first.
I just want to focus on Sungmin kissing a girl who is cosplaying as Jang Woo Hyuk (H.O.T.). The image was discussed quite intense at WonderMin before, when Alex uploaded it at the site. Everybody thought it was Teukie but this had cleared up the confusion I guess? :3
Sungmin as Tony Ahn (my favorite member of H.O.T.).
This costume is from Outside Castle MV, also my favorite MV of all H.O.T.'s MV and song. The meaning is deep, I had discussed about it before here, so go check it out :)
And this is the controversial picture of Sungmin and 'Jang Woo Hyuk', naughty and hot, dare I admit? LOLz!! XD
both picture of Sungmin cosplaying as Tony credits as tagged and Do not look at the skin Min is showing there!! I TELL YOU DON'T!!! *Bites you*
H.O.T. (original) person sitting is Jang Woo Hyuk and the one with blonde hair is Tony Ahn.
I'm just so happy that the cosplayer is a…

MY-TVXQ! 2009 First State Gathering

The picture says it all y'all!
ELF just had the event, so now is the turn to get all Cassiopeias GATHER!!!
For more info, visit here Please spread around ya? ^^
See you there~ :D

SuShow II in Malaysia: Being rational, not negative

*credits to milaniichi@YT for the upload No reason, I just admire their hard work. Both Malaysia's ELFs and Progression ^^
So Malaysia's ELFs are all getting hyped up with this news. Miraei texted me first about this and I straightly asked Karen unnie and Fiza unnie, not to forget the silent follower of Super Junior (was it that silent anyway? hahaha) P-sshi. All of them with their own version of answering me and I was too stunned to have my own opinion over this. Not to mention I just got a decent connection at this freaking hour.
First of all, let me made my own perception and believes that Jungsoo loves Malaysia. Reason?He is the only member with fluent 'Apa Khabar' and he kept mentioning about Malaysia whenever he could (watch Boys In City II and you'll get my point). I am not suprised if they insisted to come to Malaysia as this country probably had a special place in their heart.
The last time they're having Super Show, Malaysia was listed but then, something…

❤small announcement, sayangs❤

For E.L.F who had ordered the Malaysian E.L.F Tee, the tee had been sent to MYSJ in K.L. Soon after they get the bulk, the responsive team will be sending out as soon as possible. Please look forward for it within this two weeks :)
I was thinking for keeping the information by myself because surprises are nice. But some of you are so in need to know the details, so I had to tell how is the tee going on now.
Do tell me when you get the tee ya? My shoutbox, comments or mail can be use for this purpose. And I couldn't be able to recognize every single person so please make sure you state your real name when you're reporting the arrival of your tee ^^
For Penangites, the tees are sent to you earlier because the supplier is at Penang.
Don't forget to join the blood donation event❤!!
Sayanghaeyo Norfy

Happy Birthday Gackt-Sama!!! +short spazzings

I can really call you 'samchoon'[uncle in Korean], first, you're 10 years older than me. 2nd, you understands Hangul. HAHAHAHA~ I love you Gackt samchoon♥♥♥
Happy Birthday Gackt-sama! It’s here, your 469th birthday *cough*36th*cough* and I hope you could continue make GREAT, GREAT, GREAT music! Though I have not much time to fangirl for you anymore *cough* Super Junior*cough*but I always continue to follow your career. I really can’t wait for Bunraku to be at cinema!! XD I wish that you could find a wife and give yourself a happy family. You know you want a life like that, don't say that you don't want your child to get your 'bad luck'. Come on, you seems lonely, us fans know. SO GO GET YOURSELF A WIFE, WILL YOU??? *I love you!*
Visit Gackt Syndrome for more information of (this wonderful) Gackt (SAMA!!)^^

I love Park Myung Soo, he is my favorite Gagman!! P-Ssshi texted me and knowing he was affected by Hepatitis shudders me a lot. And I was...oh, no. No!! …

Emergency Hiatus:3rd June to Nov/Dec '09

Yes honey bunches.
The time had came for me to be on hiatus. Sadly, it wasn't expected to be this soon. It's much earlier than I thought but well, that is why it calls as 'emergency'.
Main reason is my study. I've done my internship for past 6 months adding 2 months of holidays. It's been quite a while since the last time I hit books, classes and exams @__@
So I need extra focus to study decently. The fact that I migrated from adminstrative course to media would be my biggest challenge. I really need to struggle for this, I'm not a bright person you know ^^;
I'll try to crap as much as I can in Sayanghaeyo. Especially with MTV Asia Awards rumors lingering, upcoming Super Shows, Oppa Band (I'm going to miss this!! T.T), Dream Concert, MKMF and lots more, how can I sit tight and do nothing? LOL! But it would not be as often (people were thanking God the lunatic girl has finally found a pause to her crappings! XD) and when I get anything new about Malaysia…

MTV Asia Awards 2009: Malaysia again?

*click for larger view*
As I goes around to look for Jungsoo's birthday video in YouTube, I found several videos of Super Junior while arriving at KLIA for MTV Asia Awards 2008. Looking at the date, it supposed to be around these two months but the heat is not everywhere, so I decides to google for this year MAA.
Guess what I found?
And her point, it's probably based on this:
These are all random though, just want to share with you guys. I'm not saying anything that will confirm the MAA 2009 venue. So yeah~ don't let your hope soar too high because of this, it's just a result from googling. And checking on the MTV Official sites, there is no confirmation over this yet.
Anyway, there is no harm to hope for it? ^^ Maybe we could see more K-stars at the end of this year?
10 days to go for E.L.F. Blood Donation event! Have you guys prepared like practise for the chant?…

For my sayangzz who afraid of the needles

The Princes donated~♥
This post made is due to my concern on how many sayangzz out there told me about their fear of pain during donating the blood. Some ask if they could attend the E.L.F. Blood Donation Drive without donating. Why, of course you can honey. But wouldn't it sounds a know? ^^;
Since I've donated once at college after several encouragement I get from my roomates, so I think it's my turn to persuade you by sharing some tips to overcome the fear. I always love when it comes to 'How To', I found various Korean recipes here too ^^ but right now lets focus on overcoming the fear of donating blood :D
These useful stuffies are cutted from here
The donor procedure is simple:
First, you want to register and answer a series of questions concerning your medical history.Second, you will take a health examination and your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and iron level will be measured.When you donate, you will feel a little pain from the prick o…

I really want to see these.........

Minzi and Taemin together in sync!!!
Wouldn’t it be cute? Hahahaha~ I mean, it’s really cute to pair the two maknae together. The fact that Minji and Taemin both debuted at the age of 15 and they both are the ace on dancing, not to mention they debuted with the coconut hair….GAHH!! CUTE!!! I’m looking forward to see them two dancing in sync to one tune! Maybe something like this or maybe this? *smirks*
2PM Vs. Super Junior dance battle!!

If only there is a freestyle dance battle between two of these 6+ princes-group, and please let it be something so harmony that both Hottest and E.L.F. could enjoy. Something dorky both of them would do together, adding the masculinity a bit here and there, maybe some female moves (Jaebum+Taekyeon against Sungmin+Shindong would be good! Hahaz!) or some sort of that stuff. It would be a colorful battle!! And no, don’t mention to me the battle they had in StarKing. HyukMin’s duo dance is very disturbing x________x

Super Leaders?
Probably the weirdest: G-Dra…

Happy Birthday Leader-sshi!!!

Norfy: OPPAAAA!!!! *dashes with birthday cake* Jungsu: O_____o yikes!! *runs*
The Leader is celebrating his 27th (Korean year) birthday today~♥
Park Jung Soo@ Lee Teuk
The angel, the white syndromme-persona, the dimple (even when you had lost it :P), the hyung of all hyungs, the cry-baby, the umma, the pretty one
Whatever endearment we had on you
You're the only one leader of our beloved troops of prince, Super Junior.
I can't express how much I'm thankful because of you being a leader and not anybody else. Your determination, your silent leading-skill, your dedication, your sacrifices, it's really you, you are the only eligible candidate to be the leader.
To us fans, even some of us had acted rather weird to you You gave us warmth, you kept trying to tell us you appreciate us and how you had made us love you just dearly because of your natural warmth and care.
Jungsoo, is definitely the line that connects Super Junior to E.L.F. You never want to break the relationship, don&#…