Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Gackt-Sama!!! +short spazzings

I can really call you 'samchoon'[uncle in Korean], first, you're 10 years older than me. 2nd, you understands Hangul. HAHAHAHA~ I love you Gackt samchoon♥♥♥

Happy Birthday Gackt-sama! It’s here, your 469th birthday *cough*36th*cough* and I hope you could continue make GREAT, GREAT, GREAT music! Though I have not much time to fangirl for you anymore *cough* Super Junior*cough*but I always continue to follow your career. I really can’t wait for Bunraku to be at cinema!! XD I wish that you could find a wife and give yourself a happy family. You know you want a life like that, don't say that you don't want your child to get your 'bad luck'. Come on, you seems lonely, us fans know. SO GO GET YOURSELF A WIFE, WILL YOU??? *I love you!*

Visit Gackt Syndrome for more information of (this wonderful) Gackt (SAMA!!)^^

I love Park Myung Soo, he is my favorite Gagman!! P-Ssshi texted me and knowing he was affected by Hepatitis shudders me a lot. And I was...oh, no. No!! Get well soon samchoon~ and I MEAN GET WELL SOON!! I'll be missing you a lot x________x but your health is so much important, please do live well and take care of yourself. Gag world still needs you and your jokes never fails to weaken my lungs from breathing. Please, please, please do get well SOON.

After a few days of rumors flowing, it was unveiled from K-Popped trios (I love these cool girls!) that the MTV Asia Awards 2009 will be at Sunway, Malaysia!! I get to know that JYP is sending off 2PM here before K-Popped reported it officially, thanks to Hanchung a.k.a Dinastik for the info. Please give him a visit at his bloggie ^^ He follows JYP via Twitter but since it's an unsure news, we waited for official response from the trusted media before making it public so there would be no confusement stirrings :D


p/s: I'm at my granny's before registering for college and my phone's calendar rings for Gackt's birthday. Plus news from P-Sshi gave me itch to blog about it. So hiatus' spazzes would be like this? Short spazzes? We'll just see~ :P

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