Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Leader-sshi!!!

Norfy: OPPAAAA!!!! *dashes with birthday cake*
Jungsu: O_____o yikes!! *runs*

The Leader is celebrating his 27th (Korean year) birthday today~♥

Park Jung Soo@ Lee Teuk

The angel, the white syndromme-persona, the dimple (even when you had lost it :P), the hyung of all hyungs, the cry-baby, the umma, the pretty one

Whatever endearment we had on you

You're the only one leader of our beloved troops of prince, Super Junior.

I can't express how much I'm thankful because of you being a leader and not anybody else. Your determination, your silent leading-skill, your dedication, your sacrifices, it's really you, you are the only eligible candidate to be the leader.

To us fans, even some of us had acted rather weird to you
You gave us warmth, you kept trying to tell us you appreciate us and how you had made us love you just dearly because of your natural warmth and care.

Jungsoo, is definitely the line that connects Super Junior to E.L.F. You never want to break the relationship, don't you? *^^*

Your malay is quite good too, looking forward to see you in Malaysia again!!

Happy Birthday Jungsu, you may grew another year but well, getting better with it~


*pic credits as tagged+leeteuk :D

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