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I love fanboys and I cannot lie♥

Yesterday was epic

Got a call from my ex-schoolmate (currently studying at the same uni) asking if I want to hit home with her after noon' prayer since our campus is closed for a week starting yesterday. I said yes and she adds that another ex-schoolmate is going to join the ride too. I was, whatever. You're the owner of the wheels.

*credits to mylove2pm@YouTube

And I never know that this additional member of riding home is A SUPER JUNIOR'S FANBOY!!! KYAAAAHHHH!!!!

Okay. I didn't know he is a fan until my girlfriend (let's call her Miyammor) said sorry and I tried to be funny by dancing 'Sorry Sorry' with hands friction. Guess what? The fella (let's call him Ninja) at the back screamed and said:"YOU FREAKING KNOW THAT BAND???" And I was O__O of course I am, I'm a LUNATIC FAN!!! A CRAZY E.L.F.!!! And both of us starts to dance Sorry Sorry, lenghtening to dancing 'Gee', poor my girlfriend who had no idea what are we talking about. There are three of us and when two people talked like mad and one didn't get it, she started to whine. So sorry Miyammor~ we just love to tease you

I asked from where the heck did he knew that song and band. Ninja said: My sister. I almost ROFL in the car!!! Whenever we found any distinctive goes well with the song, we would go "Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry" or "Gee! Gee! Gee! Gee! Baby baby baby baby!!" And the journey is like the most interesting ever in my life XD

*credits to mizunosora@YouTube

For my own surprise, Ninja said that he and his fellow fraternity brothers are going to do the Sorry Sorry performance at their faculty's annual dinner (next semester...that is so freaking early =_=;) and I can't help but to beg so I could see them practising!! Who can judge better than a fangirl, isn't it?? LOLz!! XD XD Till now, I'm still waiting for the answer. Hope that they would allow me to see them in person and maybe *snickers* I can use my styling talent to turn them into Super Junior duplicate!! By the way, Ninja is going to be Eunhyuk and he is tall.... mounting over the other boys~ Aigoo ya~
*credits to ncieu@YouTube

I would upload their practice video if I get to see them practising here :) To sums it all up, I just love fanboys. They're just as crazy as we fangirls are, but seriously, they had much courage than we had ^^

That's all


p/s: Thanks Miyammor and Ninja for the fun ride :D I shall expect the same fun returning back to uni next week!


Just_najmiE said…
omg, u know a SuJu fanboy??!!
that is so awesome!
and he dances too, which is a bonus!
if he's good looking, that's another bonus! hahaha.. XD XD XD

please oh please, load the dance practice if u are allowed to, coz I soooooo wanna see!

please n thank u! (^^,)
Miss Healerzz said…
yeah, and this is not the first fanboy! Hehe~
Oh, yeah. He sure is good looking *winks*

I just had their permission so if there is any practice, i'd try to attend and loads it for you :D But you have to rate and comment, that is for sure ^^
Nur 'Atiqah said…
Unni. I never know any fanboy before. My guy friends never like Super Junior or any things related to Korea. They said that Korean people are too beautiful even men. And yet they said that SJ are gay! TT_____TT
Just_najmiE said…

I'll look forward to that.. (^^,) and no worries, I'll rate and comment it even if you said no.. hahaha..

send my regards to them ya!..
*envy* i don't know any suju fanboy in my place. T-T
i should convert some people.hmm~
but then they might think it's not 'cool'. xD
but then this guy i know like Sorry Sorry.but only Sorry Sorry. =='
Miss Healerzz said…
@atiqah: awww...most guys are like that. A lil' pretty and lanky they'll judge them gay. LOLz~ but showing them a little vid of Rain and then show them Sorry Sorry had never go wrong! I converted some guys with that XD

@najmie: LOL~ they'd be excited to have fans even before 'debuting' (pukes)

@heekmah: LMAO~ That should be enough to make that guy a fanboy! Show them some more vids like U practice video, that should make their jaw drop! XD

Thanks for your warm welcome to the fanboys :) I'm sure they'll be glad after reading all these comments ^^

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