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I really want to see these.........

Minzi and Taemin together in sync!!!

Wouldn’t it be cute? Hahahaha~ I mean, it’s really cute to pair the two maknae together. The fact that Minji and Taemin both debuted at the age of 15 and they both are the ace on dancing, not to mention they debuted with the coconut hair….GAHH!! CUTE!!! I’m looking forward to see them two dancing in sync to one tune! Maybe something like this or maybe this? *smirks*

2PM Vs. Super Junior dance battle!!

If only there is a freestyle dance battle between two of these 6+ princes-group, and please let it be something so harmony that both Hottest and E.L.F. could enjoy. Something dorky both of them would do together, adding the masculinity a bit here and there, maybe some female moves (Jaebum+Taekyeon against Sungmin+Shindong would be good! Hahaz!) or some sort of that stuff. It would be a colorful battle!! And no, don’t mention to me the battle they had in StarKing. HyukMin’s duo dance is very disturbing x________x

Super Leaders?

Probably the weirdest: G-Dragon

Probably the dorkiest: Taeyeon

Probably the most mature: Sunye

Probably the leader of the leaders: Yunho

Probably the uncontrollable one: Jaebum

Will likely join Taeyeon: Jungsu

Probably the one who would goes dizzy: Park Gyuri

Definitely the maknae in the band~ nyaaaaaa~*gets bricked* uhm, Onew

Seen WonderMaknae parody cartoonized before, and now I really want to see SuperLeaders! Like, team up all the leaders! The cutest, the dorkiest, the charismatic, and all. It would be something to appreciate leaders who had worked hard for their bands. Oh, I do think the band will come up with some charismatic look, instead of the cute magnae XD

Ryeowook vs. Jaejoong cooking challenge! XD

Since both love being at the kitchen so much, I really want to see them having a battle! Maybe some what like iron-chef~ Set up a theme like baking or blah blah, you know, just like Iron Chef? Yeah! It would be pretty amazing to see those wives guys at work ^^Oh and the people who benefited the most from this battle would probably Shindong and Changmin. But I would love them to offer some for their SHINee dongsaengs....those boys need some meat~

Actually I got more to list down. Like SS501 teaming up with KARA, all-female rap battle, leader-maknae beauty pageant (LOL!) and SNSD doing trot! But yeah, I don't want to crap too much and make you guys bored. LOLz I'm looking forward for the Dream Concert and MKMF :) Surely I'll just melts away and gets adrenaline rushes the whole night! Hahahaz

Next time! Ta!


p/s: Hm? Kibum? What is that? A new korean dish?

**I can't remember from where did I dug out all the piccies~ it's in my collections u_____u


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