Thursday, July 2, 2009

MTV Asia Awards 2009: Malaysia again?

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As I goes around to look for Jungsoo's birthday video in YouTube, I found several videos of Super Junior while arriving at KLIA for MTV Asia Awards 2008. Looking at the date, it supposed to be around these two months but the heat is not everywhere, so I decides to google for this year MAA.

Guess what I found?

And her point, it's probably based on this:

These are all random though, just want to share with you guys. I'm not saying anything that will confirm the MAA 2009 venue. So yeah~ don't let your hope soar too high because of this, it's just a result from googling. And checking on the MTV Official sites, there is no confirmation over this yet.

Anyway, there is no harm to hope for it? ^^ Maybe we could see more K-stars at the end of this year?

10 days to go for E.L.F. Blood Donation event! Have you guys prepared like practise for the chant? Lets do the chant together!! :D


p/s: Thanks for the sayangzz who followed this crappy little bloggie ^^ Norfy sayanghaeyo~♥

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Heekmah {Mrs. Hwang} said...

there's also other event from mtv that has kr celebs's a contest from mtv korea and drink brand,boom boom or somthing =.=; so whoever that win will get a trip to m'sia with their fav group & be at mtv world stage(held at sunway too).they will go to kl and melaka too..but currently no sm artist are leading .___. andd andd i hope maa '09 really will be held here so we can see more kpop stars *-* wait im far here. T_T

Miss Healerzz said...

Gee, thanks for the share of that bites dear :D

Talking about MTV World Stage, MTV Official Site [] did mentioned about World Stage. I get a funny guessing that maybe MTV Asia Awards would change it's name to MTV World Stage? Random guessing again ^^

And damn! KL & Melaka! I love how it promotes our country so much!! XD Mehh... I don't mind any K-stars coming over, I'll just stalk them. But it would be a bonus if MY BIAS come ovahhhhhh~~

I see SHINee!! I want SHINee to come!!! XD XD XD

Heekmah {Mrs. Hwang} said...

hahaha yeah. XD maybe it will changed to MTV World Stage..but who will perform?i never watch World Stage so i dont know who will perform D: if it's Akon,isn't his concert got postponed or something D: seeing KL & Melaka make me want to move there.HAHAHA XD i just want to see them.even if they are not my fav. XD

Miss Healerzz said...

World Stage is fairly new~ so yeah, no wonder people aren't familiar with it. I mean, for those who follow MTV maybe, but us k-freaks? We're much comfortable with Mubank, Mucore, InGa and such~ hahaha!

The performer list is not up yet? An unnie working at local recording company told me it's true, MAA is going to be at Sunway. Akon concert got delayed maybe due to this stuffie~ oh well~

I see 2PM, if 2PM is coming, I'll plan something for Chansung and Junsu XD