Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prepare for trouble and make it Super Show II

I made a quick list that is needed to be done before SSII arrived here in Malaysia

1) Money

Somehow, I'm presenting this picture by saying: If you want it, pay, okies?? LOLz!!

Money is going to be the utmost savior and bases you're going to need while surviving fangirling in SSII. The tickets, I'm warning you is going to be a lot expensive than DBSK's are. We're talking about 13 boys expenses, so yeah. If you want the best seat, prepare for the faint-effect-price. How about the concert's goods? Transportation? Accomodation? Fans signature? Gifts? Bear all that in mind. $$ is so important and you're going to need LOTS OF IT.

2) Stamina
Believe me. You're going to be a SUPER GIRL once SUPER SHOW II landed here in Malaysia. Running here and there for the whole day should be in your list, that if you're going to welcome them at the airport (which I believe every each of us would want to do!!) and rushes to the concert afterwards. My advice is, you're going to need some sort of stamina boosting work-out so you could stay strong the whole day. Start working out now!!

Here is an article that suggest some exercise to get your stamina increase!

3) Attires & gears

Eunhyuk is showing the best example for this cause XD

Now I sounds like Naruto geeks. LOL! But heck, you're going to need these to be well prepared:-
  1. Super Junior Malaysian E.L.F. T-shirt (show them we're one!!)
  2. Caps (avoid that sunlight that might faints you)
  3. Umbrella (if rain occurs, raincoat would be better though)
  4. Comfortable shoes (not necessary sneakers, some flats work well but if you want to run, sports shoes are the best).
  5. Mineral water (we don't want to be de-hydrated and faints during/before the concert).
  6. Sweater or jacket (going home at the night, Malaysia is hot but the night is still chilling).
  7. Backpack (strongly advised! Easier to move around with then with slings)
  8. High resolutions camera (fancams!!! XD And for those who can afford it and had learnt photography, SLR cams!)
  9. Glowsticks or balloons or both (though 2nd generation might looks bigger, it's not so bright. 1st generation is mobile and the light is stronger too ^^. Please do not buy imitations, it'll just spoil the feelings while you're cheering).
  10. Pepper spray and wallet chain (avoid unwanted scene to happen before, during and after the concert).
  11. Fansigns and banners (the more the better!!)
  12. Personal gifts to shower the boys
  13. Your own transport would be the best to move around with friends and so. Public is an options but if you want to move around actively, a decent car is needed :)
4) Learn the fancheer
Though we had learnt the fancheer for Sorry Sorry and Neorago before, there might be some additional cheer from Malaysian E.L.F. So you have to stay alert and let us all do the best for it!
*credits to SugarXMelody for the upload

5) Make friends with other E.L.F.

"I can't wait to see them,"
"Ohh...tell me about it,"
"Dreams are becoming true!!"
I can imagine speech bubbles like this when E.L.F.s meet at SSII :P

Remember to be friendly to each other. We're here to show the love for Super Junior so be courteous to each other, we might bump to international E.L.F also. Do not do such uncivilized things like cutting the queue, smoking at closed area, etc. Say hi to each other when you found another fan. Create a lovely environment. Together we'll built a healthy fangirl scene and this will make our oppa proud of us, don't you agree? :)

I can think of these at the time being. Might add up more in the future ^^


p/s: I'm not trying to say that we would definitely had Super Show II at Malaysia, but preparation is preparation. Prevention is better then cure :P wth.... assigments are driving me nuts

*Kyu's picture with pimp shades credits to superduperlove.wordpress.com; originally from Kyu's Cyworld mini hompy
**Eunhyuk's pic credits to Super Junior Happy Official Site
***Sailormoon's screencap credits to Bitofhappiness


Heekmah {Mrs. Hwang} said...

so true. XD
If it's really happen.can i post this in SJ-World.net Malay thread? XD this is so useful.and that Kyu $-$ pic,that was the pic that made me want to know him more.XD coz finally i can see the dorky side of him.lololol btw i dreamt last night that they will announce the Thai and Hong Kong date & place.weirddd dream.prove that i think about SS2 too much.HAHAHA

Miss Healerzz said...

of course you can :D just credits and i'm glad ^^

LOLz!! I was rofl when that pic of him uploaded at his cy last year!! I was: this maknae....is something XD

I can't blame you for dreaming, SM is being too mysterious and we're all thinking about it all the time~~ haiz.... ==;

Anonymous said...

psl fancheer yg versi malaysia fans tu kan? cm xseswai sgt.. sbb terlalu byk part cheer.. if kte wt cm korea wt..just certain part je?cm penin plak byk2..haha tp rsnyaa satu lagu kowt kte akan nyanyi..hihihihi..

Miss Healerzz said...

@anonymous: it was a special fan cheer that MYSJ made for donation event :D It's not permanent and might be revised, the cause of it to be long is to make passers by (mostly non-ELF or didn't know SJ) recognized SJ and the members.

I'm putting there as an example only ^^

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. okay dear.. sorry2 because do not put my name..

i'm azimah..
now i understand..

dear.. i want to know la..either u nk beli x towel kat sj-world.net tu..
coz ada 100 towel je..
if u deserve to do..tell me k.
i don't have paypal

Miss Healerzz said...

oh~ it's you :D
for the sj-world's merchandise, please to be see my profile. I'm going to update it there. Currently in progress of getting approval from the forum to help Malaysians to get 'em :3

Anonymous said...

okay dear.. will looking forward.. thnk u.. saranghaeyo! <3

fannie said...

btw, i suggest not to bring slr camera for the concert. i'hd been to sushow1 in thai b4 this, and they did spotcheck b4 we entered the stadium as we act cant bring camera n sign board. but of course most of us hide it well so dat we can still record the concert. so juz as reminder not to bring too pricey-camera n slr is quite big, dont u think so??

really hope they will held sushow in msia dis time! ma mom wont allowed me to go to thai this time bcoz of the h1n1 thingy~

Miss Healerzz said...

hi there fannie^^

Thank you so much for the tips and sharing!! OMG, you sure had more to advise us didn't you? XD Maybe I should add that SLR cams only for the moment they arrived at the airport :D

I was so mesmerized with all the high resolutions pictures around SS so I was thinking it should've been taken by SLR cams ^^; maybe some good quality dica is ok too eh?

anyway, thankies so much for your suggestion ^^