Friday, July 31, 2009

[Random] Seriously random~

Take a look and GUESSS who of all Super Junior member own this hot biceps!!!!!!!!!
Ignore my stupid try-out to remove watermarks there
Hint: He said he gained weight, actually, it's THIS!!! LOL

OKAY! Something I am so damned pissed at came up, I had to reveal the answer in order to blog about it. Here is the full pic for the answer:-

*credits as tagged +


It's our crazy oppa, KIM HEE CHUL's!!!!

I was sipping some Ribena at the moment I look at the pic, and yeah. I did drools as soon as I see it up close!! LOLzzz

Damn, Heenim is getting buff~ and it's not that I'm complaining of him being skinny. But this is just....*crazy smile* I LIKE! Thanks for being healthy oppa!! ^^

Congratulations to heekmah for the correct guess at the first attempt!
This is for my love to 2NE1, a reality show if you're curious how 2NE1 is made. And for those who bashes CL for being ugly and to those who said Dara is old, you gotta watch this:-
*credits to YGS21RoyalAceSubs

BTW, I'm advertising this Malaysian MJ tribute concert:-

*credits to Materialize for the upload; taken from MY Hip Hop

Told you it's a really random post. LOL So, tell me if you know who owns that arms ;)


p/s: Happy Belated Birthday to Naoko Takeuchi sensei, the Sailormoon's mangaka that I totally adore. She made waves in the shoujo industry and influence more female-fighting genre in the Shoujo field. Komawo~ I mean, Arigatou Gozaimasu for your beautiful works, sensei ^^


Heekmah {Mrs. Hwang} said...

I think that's Heechul o___o
if it's really him.. WOAH!i'll dump Kyuhyun now and go back to him.XD
and BOO for people who bashes 2NE1.they're such a talented group.i dont understand all those haters. v.v
and Dara is such a cutie. OMG! XD

Miss Healerzz said...

Heekmah~ hehehehe~ *whisper*whisper* keep it secret eh? Hahaha~ I'll reveal it later XD

CL is probably the only girl in K-Pop that I can link myself to~ she is average looking but she did something that made people oversee that. I wish I could be like her :)

Dara unnie is really cute~ I can't accept the fact she is the eldest in the group XD

Heekmah {Mrs. Hwang} said...

yup2~ CL is a total inspiration.she might not be pretty like most kpop stars right now.but she prove she can do it *-* sometimes inside is better than outside. :D
lolol ya.sometimes i see Minzi is more mature than Dara. XDD i still remember when their trophy drop.XDD the me2day pic of her so adorable. XD