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SuShow II in Malaysia: Being rational, not negative

*credits to milaniichi@YT for the upload
No reason, I just admire their hard work. Both Malaysia's ELFs and Progression ^^

So Malaysia's ELFs are all getting hyped up with this news. Miraei texted me first about this and I straightly asked Karen unnie and Fiza unnie, not to forget the silent follower of Super Junior (was it that silent anyway? hahaha) P-sshi. All of them with their own version of answering me and I was too stunned to have my own opinion over this. Not to mention I just got a decent connection at this freaking hour.

First of all, let me made my own perception and believes that Jungsoo loves Malaysia. Reason?He is the only member with fluent 'Apa Khabar' and he kept mentioning about Malaysia whenever he could (watch Boys In City II and you'll get my point). I am not suprised if they insisted to come to Malaysia as this country probably had a special place in their heart.

The last time they're having Super Show, Malaysia was listed but then, something happens and the concert ends up at S.Korea in early '09. I was having a sky-rocketed hope that they would come at that period, but the attention is given to Sorry Sorry realesement. Remember this, SJ already said they would come to Malaysia, but then....I don't want to say it. Get it to yourself.

Not to kill your frantic mood nor did I want to be negative, I just don't want to get all blood-rushed for something that isn't confirmed. Yesterday I practised Sorry Sorry and Neorago fancheer. I even mapped out my budgeting plan and even count myself out from welcoming 2PM in Malaysia for the cause to save money :P That supposed to give you an idea how excited I am, but here, let us be rational than emotional. Shall we? Jungsoo listed it during the press conference and I never doubted his words....I'm just tired of false hope, that's all ^^

P-sshi's theory; it's quite impossible when it comes to sponsorship. A view of an Economic student, I dare not to ignore so I had to shed this to you all. Yeah, it's been discussed earlier with MYSJ committees before that to support 13 boys and their stuffies (SuShow is seriously a big circus! Lots of props needed there XD) it would be such an expensive 'toy-box' to make it happen in Malaysia.

Yet, it would make sense that if Jungsoo announced it, probably something had been done and I bet local big scale companies would be glad to join hands with such a big name in Asia especially when S.Korea had recently tied up a trading agreement with ASEAN countries, and of course, fans. YOU ARE THE CONSUMER SO ACT LIKE A KING! SHOW THEM THAT WE WANT THEM HERE! LOLz, this is a view from communication student! XD

It's late but a little spazz wouldn't hurt. As a Ryeowookitis myself, I nose-bled while having a class trip when P-sshi MMSed me a picture of Wookie and the dancer performing 'Insomnia' back at SuShowII. (insert keyboard abuse because I'm lazy to do so). Wookie....has grown up...and.....surprisingly...MANLY (I forgotten a sec that I took him as a 'son', mianh Jojo!!). And while typing this, I'm not done watching all suggested fancams yet, so don't be mad for not spazzing about your husbands.

It's great to be back to school. But I missed fangirling so much and all of a sudden I happen to be a little babo, scribblings SJ's name in hangul (at the desk, textbooks, walls, friend's tunic etc) and uhmm....I drew Taemin x_____x That little jail-bait.... And as I'm not stable yet as a student, I'd dry this blog again and will be back occasionally if I feel like it^^


p/s: Damn, my housemates was surprised to see me cheering alone in front of my screen with glowsticks and all. I even choreographed my own glowsticks-waving cheer. And thank you for all of you who attended the blood donation event, you can see the updates here. Yes, I couldn't make it because I had a stupid orientation and I haven't personalized my shirt yet. LOL~


me said…
wah..u update ur blog.^^
i need to save A LOT of money if i want to attend the sushow.
Miss Healerzz said…
Since the cost would multiply (13 boys are going!!) I was expecting the best seat would cost much more..... gahh!!

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