Monday, August 3, 2009

For the 20% Cassiopeia I had in me

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As much as I am overly biased on Super Junior, DBSK always had a place in my fangirling activities.

I just wish that after I woke up tomorrow morning, the news that I had from today's discussion (SM vs. JaeChunSu) would be good.

Pray and have faith, Cassiopeias.

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I wouldn't reside to anyone, they had their own reasons (though I'm overly mad on SM before). I just want the best solutions to make it all good for every parties (SM, DBSK, Cassiopeia).

"What I'm trying to find, Is all the efforts people like me put together
I crave to cry out for this dream to be a realization..
The courage that you hold in the center of your heart

"One love in your heart makes tomorrow so easy,
If you can link it with two love,
Love, love as if you believe in yourself,
The survivor that lives on

-Survivor, Tohoshinki-


p/s: I couldn't help but to think about the other bands under SM as well. Honestly, it's Super Junior. If you think deeper, this case would cause a lot of commotions and will definitely involved other SM artists as well. And I just had to stop myself from going there or I would be worrying all the hour that I had in my life.


Just_najmiE said...

wow, I didn't know about this.. I thought everyone was happy performing for their fans.. it's not fair what SM did to the boys, and they should get more money.. I'm not really a DBSK fan compared to SuJu, but I do support them coz they have the special bond between them and SuJu..

hope everything turns out alright.. DBSK hwaiting!! (^^,)

Miss Healerzz said...

I do think they're happy doing what they've always want to do, judging the years they endured as a trainee just to debut. It's just that, they might felt exploited at some point.

But as a capitalist myself, I can't blame SM wholly, they're fishing the money, that's what they're made of.

I just love the bond Cassie and ELF always share :) these two are like the best sister ever!! lolz!!