Friday, August 7, 2009

Higher ranking fanboy ♥

Taemin is a fanboy too ^^ Like noona like dongsaeng

I was facing a registration problem which lead me to Mr. F as the Assistant Registrar of our facutly. When I stepped in his office room, I was quickly warped into his own world. Songket as table runner, Sarawak's Pua Kumbu hanging at the top of his wall, various pictures of him travelling around the globe and posters of Obama, The Beatlers and all.

But one thing is, he had a Memorial of Michael Jackson at Staple Center's poster, neatly framed with some expensive looking Mahogany frame and my jaw dropped when I look at it. I asked him if he bought it at ebay or somewhere else, he smirked and said "I've been there,"

This reminds me to Jungsoo when he talked about a fanboy of his just got admitted into an university during Sukira and he said that he is proud that even if he is such an active fan, he could still manage getting himself through all the hassles to the uni :D and Mr. F is such a good example in my own real life. Getting such a job at a young age and being an active fanboy himself, I'm quite confident to myself that this hobby is definitely healthy.

Just found some time to watch Wild Bunny and blogging. Gosh~ I'm going to miss these activities a great deal!!


p/s: LOL! I'm going to blog about "university" + "fangirling"!!! I think it's hilarious, so I'll see you soon about it ^^ Mariel and I was getting hyper because of the uni's assesment!!

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