Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just In Case You've Forgotten Me....

So I made another entry

Cr: cleaver487@youtube for both making and uploading it^^

I got it while browsing around SJ-World, trying to fulfill my own promise that I'd make 10 posts for a day in weekends and 5 posts/day. This is to secure my inbox~ ah, I sounds pathetic so skip that.

Anyways, this vid is really cool. For a toddler ELF like me, I was so mesmerized (I'm using this word over and over again ==;) and how I regret the time that I rejected SJ to come to my life. LOLz!!

As cleaver said it is better to listen to it with earplugs and maximize the volume, I'm suggesting the same thing too for you~♥

Oh, and I finally got myself twittering. If you think that it is worth it to follow me, than do that here. But I'm only using it for the update in Sayanghaeyo, not my personal use. Plurk is still my priority, damn I love that social site more than anything else :P

Sapphirepearls is organizing a fan project, please feel free to join in. For Malaysian, SPMalaysia and MYSJ might do the project together :) Will update here if I got any news of it ^^

Talking about MYSJ, Jasmine has forwarded an email which contains a survey of concert and would like for me to share it with all of you. There is no guarantee though, only that maybe...MAYBE there are some event management company who would like to organize stuff liket This, or MAYBE just some childs-play. I'm not that fancy to promote unsignificant stuff like this but since she said there is no harm trying, maybe I should be a little flexible. So here is the link to the survey.

Back to hit SJ-World and made another 3 posts to complete the 10 posts. And I promised myself to read the Koran diligently and finish reading all of the chapters by Eid's eve :P If I can do that with forums, maybe I should promise to God too? LOL!

Crapping ends


P/s: DANG!! It's Yesung's birthday and I forgotten!! Sorry Sorry to all Yesung's wifey!! God bless him more when a lunatic fangirl forgotten his birthday I guess ^^; Happy Birthday Yesung~ May your career expanded more and you'll be receiving more love too♥ SAAAAAAAYYYYAAANNNGGG YESUNG *smoochies*

*picture credits to cloud

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