Monday, August 17, 2009

P-sshi: what she means to me

I could write a terrabyte words of appreciation and complaints when it comes to P-sshi

I could blog a lot if I want to in all of my blogs, personal, academic, fangirling etc.

I could abandon the other things besides me just to let her know I'm with her

P-sshi means a lot to me.

But I don't have to write it out or blog it up.

Because I believed words are left words without the act of the person who arranged it up.

Because I know somehow she knew how much she meant to me just by looking at how I treat her.

This time I just hope she could understand how happy I am when she acknowledged me as a friend.

And I just want her to understand me just a little bit.

Since I know I'm an awkward person to be with, a little bit just means a lot to me. .

P-sshi ah, 사랑해요~

Norfy a.k.a Norfolk Pine

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