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SJ-World Kibum's Birthday Project [REPORT]

Postal Charge: RM43

Petrol Surcharge: 10% of the postal charge, RM4.30

Service Surcharge: 10% of the postal charge, RM4.30

Plus special bedded envelope: RM3.00

Printing+paper: RM0.40

TOTAL: RM55.00

Thanks for your participation, altogether we made up a team of 13 girls (coincidentally the same amount of SJ members, LOL!) with total of 20 postcards!

Therefore, RM55 would be divided to 13 girls which resulted to:


A low cost for everyone! But it's too much of hassle with 3 cents there. So you just need to pay me RM4.20. Maybe too low that it's impossible to pay through cash deposit machine.

For the members who didn't use online banking service, you can send me concealed cash. Send in your cash within envelope but remember to make it unseen through the envelope. Any questions about this you could PM me at SJ-World or through SMS. Thank you!! ^^

And here are the photos of all the accumulated postcards, and how the mail looks like:-

Total of 20 postcards ^^

Various places are shown :D

The envelope and the address

Behind the envelope is the quicklist of all the members sending the postcards together :)

Please send to me your payment immediately and you don't have to send it through poslaju. An usual postage is okay :) I'm a poor student so please have mercy on me. LOL!

Looking forward of doing another project with all of you ^^


p/s: For those who asked me why do they need to pay is because we are sharing the postage expenses ^^


but..i should've put stamp instead of Kibum pic :S

i will pay you soon,including the donation for sj-world & the towel <3

thanks again onni! <3
MiszRainbow said…
thank u dear...

really appreciate it!

yeay 13 girls? haha super girls!

bleh x.. i mskkan dlm sampul surat and letak dlm ur post box u?and i msj terus.. ble u ada kt rumah n senang amek terus?

zatie said…
thanks alot norfy<333
hannaa said…
thank you norfy! lol mine is the ugliest. haha. i'll send u the money when im free because now im abit busy with school. sorry. thnks again! its really 13? waah.. really happy~
Miss Healerzz said…
@heekmah: received your payment already, thank you <3

@azimah: ok, we can! ^^

@zatie: LOL

@hannaa: it is 13 girls inclusive of me ^^

Thank you all for the participation again! <3
hanna said…
hye norfy, did u received my money ?

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