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So I pray for you, oh so I promise you

I am.....Goo Hye Soon wannabe~ LOLz!
Seriously, I really love the fact that she is multi-talented^^

Hi honey bunches, this is Norfy (who else!! LOLz)

For anybody who happened to stumble on my blog, followed me, or had been a silent reader for all the time. . .

In my campus, I had registered to do an audition as a radio DJ. I had no experience, seriously. And the interview is really embarrassing. I messed up with my body language \ and facial expressions! So I came to the Malay thread in SJ-World, asking for all the girls and guys there to pray for me. . . I really didn't set any hope to be one with such dumb and lame interview.

Somehow, I GOT THROUGH. Thank you so much for all the people who blessed my prayer with theirs! Love you guys *sarang, sayang*

Me: My hubby used to be a DJ and now he is going to act for a musical,
please pray for us both :)
E.L.F. + Pink Pumpkins: wth? *chase with bricks and stones*

The next round of audition is going to be on Tuesday, 1st September after my Sociology mid term test. This time, it's not going to be random. It's a few counts of selected people and I'm so nervous, I couldn't spazz for 2 days (up until now). Yes, I know it's a campus station only with 7am to 7pm of working hours, but it serves the whole district and they DO get calls from all over Selangor! It's too early to reveal the campus frequency, I'm going to let you know after I succeed my plan to have my own slot :P

It means a good thing to me. Since I don't really like showing off my face. This thing is good. I plotted my plan to be the Malay+female version of Simon-san, I'm going to do a slot of 'Asian Music' which actually heavily biased on K-Pop :P Of course it's a long term plan, but I'm going to need a lot of strength, a lot of prayers, from all of you, K-Pop lovers who read this.

Please do let me know that you support me by giving a comment on this post with a little prayer. Thank you ^^


p/s: And no, I'm not joking. I'm having a really hard time to believe myself, and I need something good to motivates me.


Alice Barthelemy, SJ-World's admin is ON MISUDA!!!! Congratulations on her TV debut ^^ Will look forward for her to be a regular on the show :D Let's pray for her to establish a firm fangirl cause there!! XD XD ALICE FIGHTING! ♥♥♥

credits to jaybirdm001 for the upload on YT and Heekmah for telling me~♥


Anonymous said…
" If you believe it's too difficult, it will be. If you believe it's possible, it will be. If you want it to be, you need to believe."
sarah105 said…
If anybody else can do it..why can't you? I know you can do it!! Always smile~ It helps sometimes~ ^^
Nur 'Atiqah said…
Unni..Hwaiting!~ I know you can do it..Saranghae~
btw, Alice is so beautiful :)
Anonymous said…
dear goo hye soon wannabe..

its okay..u can try another times..

u're multitalented..just believe it..
better luck next time...

alice is so beautiful..
mulan77 said…
Norfy.. i will always pray for you.. hope you can make it.. but if you don't don't think to much about it.. i know you try your best... but i still hope you can make it.. NORFY AJA AJA HWAITING!!
Miss Healerzz said…
@anonymous: i do think i know who you are, but i'll just keep it as my own surprise ^^ thanks for your prayer and words :) Really appreciate that

@sarah105: it does helps! the only thing that didn't help is aegyeo-ing too much :P

@atiqah: alice IS beautiful ^^ most people claimed she looks like a doll XD thanks for your love *heart-sign*

@mulan unnie: thankies so so so much unnie! lol! i did fight but it's not my turn yet :P i'll probably try again the next term :D

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