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Welcome to Faculty of Hallyu Wave

Hallyu wave which was coined first by Beijing's Journalists is undeniably spreading rapidly around the globe at the beginning of 21st century through channels of Korean products and it is still blessing every souls to every corner they might get to until now. Such intense growth of the culture had been proven academically that it has the special impact on economy, tourism, sociology and anthropology of the world. Therefore, Faculty of Hallyu Wave offers four sequences for you to specifically understands the rising
  • (Hons) Bachelor in Idol Studies
  • (Hons) Bachelor in TV and Silver Screen
  • (Hons) Bachelor in Techonology and Manufactures
  • (Hons) Bachelor in Photography and Printings

Our undergraduates would compulsory take the following subjects as their core studies during foundation years:-
  • Language and the accents
  • Food and arts
  • Traditional Culture
  • Korea History
(Hons) Bachelor in Idol Studies

A special study on stardom and idolizing Hallyu stars to understand how the stars works, how the fandom gave impression on society as well as on economy overview. Since opened the last 4th August, we had accumulated groundbreaking 1,3450,000 applications from around the world and around 1300 had been admitted for their first year.

Compulsory subjects:

  • History of Idols
  • Principles of Fandom
  • Fandom Communications
  • Media Law, Regulations and Ethics
  • Economics: The Impact of Idols and Fandoms

  • Fashion Revolution in Idols
  • Broadcasting System
  • Organizing Events and TV Programmes
  • Creative Approach
  • Idol's Style of Music
Possible Careers From This Study:-
  • Idols Manager
  • PD-nim
  • Stylist
  • Coordinator
  • Paparazzi
  • Marketing Executives
  • Producer
  • Idols

How was it? Are you fooled? LOLz!!

This was discussed by me and Mariel while Plurking. I was so tired with books around me and plurked 'Norfy Hates Homeworks :P' and Mariel was replying a normal thing. Not until it became a discussion of STUDENT+FANGIRL!! It starts with some unconventional research, prolonged with the name of the study and I couldn't help but to laugh on how funny it would be!!

Think of numerous number of fangirls' application and when the admission results released, the rejected fangirls would do a RIOT and the situation would messed up the whole academic world!!! I was laughing so hard and promised to her that I'll blog about this soon. Well, seems like it doesn't went that smooth and I managed to blog about this after....17 days to be exact ==; Better than nothing, eh? Hohohoho~ mianhaeyo Mariel-ah~ *aegyeo*

I'm following K-pop news daily, just that I'm not participating actively. Here is some of my review on whats hip lately:-

  1. I'm happy with Sungmin's Akilla musical ^^ Finally my hubby's talent is being recognized!! I hope he could spread his solo wings a lot wider before it comes to 2009 year end, his birthday is too early to start with =3= Anyway, hubby, I'm happy for you!! Be busy so I could see what more you can offer~ I'll be busy too, just for my own preparation to meet you personally (daydream).
  2. Oh, Kim Heechul. I hope you could hit the dramas again during SJ's hiatus. Just love how funny of a humanbeing you are!! My sunshine ♥ ♥ ♥
  3. ja;guihg;knb;klm;qjgipr;ibnam HONG KONG CONFIRMED!!! a;ghi;oanbaqmgqurh[nb'qam g;OIUG'JMa;ugamboumg;amm MAKE MALAYSIA CONFIRM TOO!! Oh, but PLEASE NOT THIS YEAR!!! a;lugaobgnhmmapouh;ja
  4. G-dragon's Heartbreaker is in my N73's top playlist as well as Brown Eyed Girls' Abracadabra. I can't help but to think of Lady Gaga when I watch GD's MV ==; and Abracadabra definitely raped my innocent eyes!! NOOOO!!! But that dance moves.....I can't help but to imitate that.
  5. Was all panic and happy about Daesung's incident and surgery success.
  6. I'm addicted to 2NE1 TV. . . Specifically to Chaerin/CL's bubbly self. Oh, P-Sshi, I'm so in love with her. Dang, that sounds so lesbo and WRONGGGG!!
  7. I stopped watching Wild Bunny for a while. I'll just group it for my holiday's treat. Hehehe~ But I seriously can't wait to see Seulong, Jo Kwon, Chansung, Wooyoung, Taekyeon's (did I missed anyone else?) Abracadabra parody!!!
  8. Whatever happen to DBSK, I'd be supportive on their decision. Just as long as they're together and this is Sayanghaeyo's stand. If it's not going to be DBSK/THSK/TVXQ anymore, as long as there are Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun and Shim Changmin that we all knew, I'll be their supporter.
  9. And that to announce how Pedo-noona I am, I drooled while watching this preview. There is no necessary drooling supposed to happen, but I did. Merely because two of my favorite pedo-treats young bands are going to get together! And doing that Abracadabra hip-moves is my main AIM Striiiiiiiiiikkkeee all that!! This blog should be view-able for all ages!!!
*taken from AKP, uploaded by dirah9302

Wheee~~~ I'm going to bed now! First time I spent one of my sleepless nights at uni for blogging!! Oh~ Happy Birthday to Kim Kibum~~~ PALLI COMEBACK TO US!! BABO!! *serves him invisible Pulut Kuning* Happy Anniversary to SuKiRa as well!!! XD Oppaya~~ I'm going to follow your trails soon, I'd make the university's radio a lot fun by plagiarizing what you guys just did!! LOLz!! To all muslims fangirls, Happy Fasting~~ I've been fasting for full month these two years, talking about having weird hormones. But you guys must've been jealous? Hahaha~ try beat that record!! XD

Ok, seriously needs the bed and the bed needs me.


p/s: I ranted too much!!!! >.<

* pictures was taken from here and here


HI 8D <*unconstructive comment*

i want to attend that university ..if it's exist.lololol
maybe it will be the most famous university or something.lololol

and im addicted to abracadabra too! after i watched wild bunny preview i started to try the hip dance but of course epic fail.lololol
chansung keep revealing his armpit like omg!i'm not so fancy with guy that keep showing his armpit D: but i can't stop loving him.. =="

btw it's Norfy comeback! XD

ps:im still waiting for confirmation bout the SSII in M'sia too.. D:
Just_najmiE said…
hohoho, I nearly fell for that.. but wouldn't it be cool to go to study there?.. hohoho...
Miss Healerzz said…
@hee: that university is UNBELIEVABLE and I wouldn't dare to attend one! LOL

yeah, chansung's armpit is not a good view~ but still, that guy is hot himself LOLz!!

@najmie: you NEARLY fell which means you DIDN'T fell and I'm now in agony for not suceeding!! *cringes*

and yes, it'd be cool, but somehow, it's a funny view from academic perspective, don't you think? :P

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