Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Self-motivating: Fangirl's way

Min: You should help me wipe more often ^^
Jungmo: Whut??? Hell no, you own one crazy wife!!

Not generally, but at least I'm doing it XD

I was listless since the Raya holiday is over. I'm shocked to see that I need to submit 5 assignments which requires you to do extensive research, questionnaires, interviews, etc right when I hit back the class. Instantly, the whole world seems dark. If I didn't manage to clear these 'clogging' jobs, than I'd end up with hideous pointer which something that I wouldn't want! As a proud fangirl, I want to prove that, us fans, can achieve the same, maybe even better than people who puts their nose on the books 24/7. (Oh, whilst I'm typing this, my lecturer adds another assignment, which now totals up to 6 T-T).

I don't know if this sounds eerie to you, or maybe you can call me delusional (I kept thinking I AM), but this is how I do it.

(Suddenly I felt awkward calling Ming as my hubby) My obsession, Lee Sungmin is now very busy, preparing for AKillA yet he enjoyed it very much. Always show us that smiles and I couldn't help but to fall again and again to him. No matter how many times it is, I am still going to fall for the exact same boy of Super Junior, Lee Sungmin My Hubby.

^Too much eyeliner. I should be there to monitor the make-up artist

So I was....dang. If he is that calm to do his everyday routine, why can't I? I mean, the pressure of his are incomparable with mine. I just need to settle some few arrangements of meetups, cramp myself at the library and everything would be fine. But he needs to moves around, practice a lot. Travels a lot.

And that motivates me. Just if he can do so. Why can't I? Damn, I'm an academic person, I must do better than my superstar-multi-talented-pretty-nice-sweet-mysterious-hot hubby.

Min: Is there any chance to get away from this delusional 'wife'?
Heenim: Dude, the girl is lunatic. You need to kill her to be free.

Just want to tell you one thing. If you've read about Heenim tried to leave Super Junior once, you might know that Heenim was touched by a few younger members who had grown distant since he is busy acting and had little time to spent together with his dongsaengs. For my own retard-delusional theory, it is Sungmin whom he meant.

Why? First, I'm dead sure Heenim and Sungmin are far more awkward than SungminXKangin or HeenimXEunhyuk. I rarely sees them interacting with each other. But as the interview surfaced, I see lots of HeenimXSungmin moment seriously something rare. Em. Like that.

Yes, talking about obsession. Sometimes it ate me up, sometimes it brings me up.


p/s: MY-HOTTEST is bringing the flash mob up this sunday at KL Sentral-Putra KLCC-KLCC park, so watch out dudes and babes!!

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Sunday, September 27, 2009


I am very sure most of you knew the existence of different fandoms for K-Pop bands and persons. There are a lot of terms used, to present the uniqueness and to show their relationship to their favorite artist. I can list it all but it's going to be endless and people might see my ignorant for some fandoms' names LOL! So yeah, it is well noted ;)

Therefore, there are seas of people with different interests within one platform they're standing together. Fandom. The beautiful stage where loyalties, support, team work and hard work are mainly important to keep the artist they love breathing. I'm not exaggerating. The artists need the enthusiast and the lovers to actually get moving, after all, its their career. Career means a dedicated job. Job means a source of preparing person's basic needs. Fandom and fans are playing really important roles in one celebrity's life like seriously.

The diversion of fans and fandoms could actually invites a lot of possibilities. There is no doubt that we might bump into some little fight or sometimes huge fight. After all, fans want to place their beloved at the very first place and would be doing all their might. It can actually be done with lots of peace, whilst minding one business instead of lurking on others and get annoyed of other fandom's job. Probably some words, some acts, that wouldn't get discovered if one is not that busy body. Its their fandom, its their place, why can't they shit it out? Do not be a hypocrite and says you never shit on other fandoms when you're within you're own gang. I know you did once in a while because I know I did, and it's plain normal.

Its really ugly to see fans overreacted on some issues and starts to be rude to other fans. There is no need to give your rotten piece of mind really, keep it to yourself as it will only cost you an ugly image. What ugly? Well, frankly, I don't mind spazzing. I spazz a lot and there is no way of stopping it. But there is a limit. Now, I'm not trying to be a teacher or your momma. Try to think of it for once at least.

Why start a fight? So you're being angry of others words. You think its ugly and unnecessary. So why waste the effort of replying the exact same words to anger them back? You're being UGLY and unnecessary at the moment you started a fight. Not to mention you're reflecting a really bad image on what kind of fans your favorite artist had. We knew the stereotype people pasted on us, fans. So why do you need to give more proofs? For god sake, try to prove them wrong instead.

Why would you need to talk bad on other fandom? When they are actually the same as you, admiring and supporting their favorite artist even its not the same as yours? You're a fan. They're a fan too. You can actually feel their situation, really. By having a pinch of empathy.

Why would you need to defend your artist with vulgar words on other artist/fans/fandom? Seriously honeys, that reflects on how you are actually a blind lover. Delusional and pathetic. Vulgar words are always being used by losers, especially when they know they're defeated. A silence can actually act stronger than some senseless inappropriate words.

Why would you have to hold the fight longer? So you had spoken nicely and had some points. The debate continues. Honey needs to stop when you see the pattern kept repeating. Let the goldfish talks alone and got carried away, the person will be the one who gets embarrassed. Ignorance is great at times.

Since I've entered the fandom of K-Pop, I've been into several fans wars and it can be damned ugly. Thank god for some rational fans, they're much open-minded and even straighten up their fellow fans to not be such a rash. It could be a very tensed battle ever but it all will ends up good with such civilized fans everywhere. Now, that would make your artists be proud of you :) I can't get over the proud face Super Junior had when they told the Onlbam's ahjumma about their fans promoting their comeback with posters around the city yet will put it down after a period of times as to be responsible. Why not make your artists felt proud like this again and again?

So honeys, I'll leave something for you as a fan myself.

Loving them to the max is not enough. Loving them with a MEANINGFUL ATTITUDE is what worth all the gifts you might want to pour on them.


p/s: If the artist themselves could love and support each other, why not us. Its up to you really, but mind you. Being UGLY and POOR of attitude benefits none of any parties including yourself. T.H.I.N.K. Oh, and Chuseok would fall on 3r October this year! My festive mood is on despite of all the crazy assignments LOL

**all pictures are not MINE! Was taken somewhere I don't remember, collected them when I was a real noob

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sorry Sorry got FAKED!

I have to admit, though how much faster our country is running as a developing country, piracy is still a HUGE problem and I don't care much at first but when it comes to Super Junior. . . .

. . . It pisses me off.

No, I wasn't talking about the obvious FAKE and PIRATED CDs that we can found it around the Pasar Malam (night market) with RM10 for 3 CDs pasted on it. That is too clear to tell and I don't even bother. True fans know their thing and know how to really support.

I am talking about a nicely packaged with wooden box, beautifully printed with nice paper, offers MV as well and claimed to be Chinese version of Sorry Sorry kind of FAKE CD.

Yes, it existed! It happens that this kind of fake stuff persuade a buyer with this as her first time to buy K-pop stuffies. She happens to give it to her E.L.F friend, poor little thing. . . .

Thanks to Maskuto, he shared some pictures with us to see the fakeness of it. Please to see his fan account and the pictures of the FAKE CDs at his site.

From what he had told; I've summarized that:-

  1. The fake SJ jib is bought at "Hiro Comic World Sdn. Bhd." located at Petaling Street.
  2. The price is nearly the same if you bought from YesAsia, RM40++
  3. The seller claimed it as CHINA version which is BOGUS. The only version in chinese language is Taiwan version.
  4. There is a huge 'U' logo which should represents U song but was put everywhere at the packaging.
  5. There is no booklet that should contain lyrics.
  6. Wooden box never existed at any version of K-Pop albums.
  7. A picture of Super Junior performing Sorry Sorry is there when the album supposed to be out FIRST before being performed at the public.
  8. The quality of the MV is horrible, according to Maskuto, it was similar to YouTube-ripped ones and its built in a CD-ROM, not a DVD.
  9. Play the CD at Windows Media Player and it shows 'Unknown Song' by 'Unknown Artist'.

So honey bunches, please be aware of the fake stuff! And I officially slated Hiro Comics World Sdn. Bhd. in Sayanghaeyo's black list for K-pop fans to shop. Reasonable enough because:

  1. Persuading a fan to buy a FAKE CD where it wouldn't benefit both buyers and the artist the fan loves. I wouldn't waste my time blogging about this if they're not going off the border. The part that they had suggested such thing is so irresponsible and very selfish for their own good.
  2. Faking such hard to get items in Malaysia is a huge sin of greed. Especially when the fans are going all desperate to have one, they made money over enthusiasm with the wrong way.
  3. All of the reasons above is good enough for me to BAR the said shop as being irresponsible, greedy for their own needs and cater unreliable goods.
Please spread around this piece of important news. Do not buy anything from this shop to show that you're against their deeds of scamming people's money away. Thank you so much. Please do not forget to credit Maskuto and link back to his blog if you spread this thing around your circles of friends.

I did this, because I do not want another fan got scammed and since we couldn't do anything with piracy here, at least we could know and recognize any people who would want to cheat you over your interest. Now honey bunches, please pass around this info. THANKIES!


p/s: MY-SMTOWN is going to close soon. Please mark your final farewell at the shoutbox. It'll slowly change to a blog instead. Oh, and I just want to let you know, my red hair is similar to Ming's hair now. Talking about match made from heaven *Pink Pumpkins rise to attack*

Saturday, September 19, 2009

SJ-World Shindong's Birthday Project [REPORT]

Postal Charge: RM43

Petrol Surcharge: 10% of the postal charge, RM4.30

Service Surcharge: 10% of the postal charge, RM4.30

TOTAL: RM51.60

There are 8 girls who sent together for this project, I know its a lame excuse, but due to time constraints and some personal business, I couldn't hand over my handmade card, it was half-finished so the share of the fees would be RM51.60/8 girls.

Each of you would pay RM6.45, 5 cents are too much of hassle! So RM6.40 would be fine ^^ And since I'm using an envelope I just found randomly at my parents' house (as well as the printing), so its totally free. Make it as a Raya give away :D

And here are the piccies ^^

Your cards! Honestly, I admire all of the cards~ it was superbly cute *0*

Front of the envelope; Alice' address. The female officer at the post office thought I wrote it all and even misunderstood mandarin and hangeul LOL

The back of it; usually I wrote a quicklist to assist Alice of whose cards are in it. But the officer lady STAMPED a Poslaju receipt on it and I was "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Never mind, will PM Alice for her convenience~ and yes, I've posted the announcement of cards been sent :)

Thank you for all of you! And do join Donghae's birthday project, and I'd be definitely make out my handmade one. Its cuter that way :P

And I'd like to wish all of you, Selamat Hari Raya. Please forgive me if I had done any wrong doings, directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally ^^ Please stay tuned with Sayanghaeyo for I'd be glad to update with you anything K-pop (especially Super Junior) and Korean related to Malaysia! Thank you!

Sayanghaeyo, Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holiday!!

p/s: Oh, Chuseok is around the corner too~ hehehe~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

[SJ-World] Donation and Towel Order

As you guys have known, SJ-World is facing trouble with the server host and I'm encouraging you to donate so we could have SJ-World back with better server in the future. All donation is done with USD and I can help you to send your donation via PayPal. $5 is the minimum of the payment but any donation made below the amount is still acceptable (though I don't think it's very decent....). Here is currency convertor online that might help you.

All you have to do is send your donation through Maybank ATM Cash Deposit Machine or via online banking. If you're using cash deposit machine, please send me the proof of payment (bank slip) to avoid scams and if you're using online banking, just type my email at the recipient's box.

Please use your SJ-World's username on the chatbox and drop a comment saying "donation" with email on the website/email box if you're interested. I would send you my details within 24 hours.

For people who had actually ordered their towel and would made payment through me but haven't done so yet, you can leave a comment of "SJW Towel" with your SJ-World username and your email if you need my details. Just in case you haven't saved my details other than in your PM Inbox. I will email you within 24 hours.

Thank you.


Norfy a.k.a Miss Healerzz is NOT one of the staffs at SJ-World and Sayanghaeyo is a personal spazzing site, thus any questions regarding the donation and towel purchase should be made at the righteous forum and not to be made here unless it's about how to send donation or purchase the towel through me to SJ-World.

[SJ-World Birthday Project] Shindong and Donghae

Since SJ-World is facing a server hosting issues for the current being, I'm going to update everything here in this post.

Here I would like to remind you:-

1) I wouldn't send out any cards that isn't fit with the rules and regulations that SJ-World has put so please read carefully and follow accordingly to the rules. I wouldn't send out your stuff to SJ-World if your stuff arrived late and I wouldn't send it back to you as well. Please be sure not to BACK OUT once you've submitted your participation, it will cause me a lot of trouble and I really had very little time to worry about this as I'm an university student who is facing time constraints.

2) I'm sending a lot earlier than SJ-World's exact deadline because the period of the mailing to South Korea took around 4-5 working days so the date I pick to send is the date that is very very late since I'm using PosLaju which is the most economic I could offer you (I know most fans are still studying), reliable and fast. So it's the same thing if you send out individually, that date is still the ideal date that your stuff would arrive unless you've prepared to invest on much fancier (and more expensive) postage service.

3) Am I reliable? Please read here and here. And yes, you have to pay a small amount of money since we are sharing the postage fees together. This is the main aim, to cut cost :) I would tell you how much would you pay in a report after I sent out the stuff. More members participation would mean less payment made, so ask your friends to jump in the bandwagon too! And I would post the declaration of stuff sent for all of us (Malaysian who sent together with me) in the forum, so please do not post there if you've sent the items to me since it's not sent out to SJ-World yet.

4) This project is for SJ-World's members only, if you're interested to join and haven't sign up yet, please do so on this temporary forum and remember to sign up again once SJ-World is back on service again.

5) Using your SJ-World's username, please leave your email address on the chatbox at the right and write: "Shindong's Birthday Project" or "Donghae's Birthday Project" or "Both Project". I will send you my details that you'll be needing through email.

I do not wish to tarnish the image of E.L.F. Malaysia. Remember, we're sending out things in one postage which would indirectly present Malaysian fans. So I beg you to please ask if you're not sure and read the rules again anda again to confirm :)

Shindong's Birthday Project
You can read the rules here.
SJ-World's Deadline : 28th September
Date I would send : 17th September (Thursday).

Cards receivement:-
  • lalaismail
  • sarah105

Donghae's Birthday Project
You can read it all here.
SJ-World's Deadline : 10th October (Saturday)
Date I would send : 7th October (Wednesday)
Note : The project would be send to Singapore which will take around 2-3 working days only, that is the date that I think is most late to send.


Why am I so keen on sending out stuff through SJ-World?
Because they're plain awesome, representing the international E.L.F. and reliable!
Here is one of the proof
Uploaded by Pri3an (1 of the SJ-World's staff)

**Shindong and Donghae's picture credits as tagged+

Norfy a.k.a Miss Healerzz is NOT one of the staffs at SJ-World and Sayanghaeyo is a personal spazzing site, thus any questions regarding the birthday project should be made at the righteous forum and not to be made here unless it's about the parcel sending to SJ-World.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gotta quench that desire for K-Style!

I found this video from K-Style and I am so going to do this style for Raya! XD

Old sayangzz would know that I'm a student/fangirl/fashionista and I still am up until now. Only that I do agree I messed up myself a lot because of time constraints and yes, sometimes I did faux pass~ damn.... I admit that I do play a lot safer this year at uni, baju kurung and t-shirts to be exact. Black shoes, black bag, nude I bored? Yes, siree~

Though I am an E.L.F. all the way, I do think that of all Korean boyband styles displayed, I felt very much attached to Big Bang's street style. Maybe this keenness to hip-hop, so it's pretty much obvious I kinda copy their style esp. T.O.P sometimes. And I can't thank Y.G. enough for debuting 2NE1 with that much feminine touch of similar style!

It's complicated to get the style right!! I've done Hyuk's Sorry Sorry look before and yeah, I FAIL miserably as I copied it EXACTLY as if I'm doing a cosplay of him :P And when I hit my holiday (and lose that unnecessary fats on my thighs!), I'm going to do GEE looks. Yes, baby. Candy jeans, shoes, white tees and all! Being a fashionista is all about doing the experiment so what do I care of people? LOL

So here I am going spread the say on how could you get some styling tips, from outfits, accessories and make-up of Korean stars style, K-Style is more than happy to do it for you! I found helpful tips and tricks to obtain the similar results and gosh..I fell in love with the site instantly!! Sunny, the owner of the blog had given some really helpful advises and I can't help but to feature it here!!

So sayangzz, if you are so in love with the style and would like to experiment it, visit the site and please show it some love ^^ She had put a lot of effort there and I just want her to continue blogging about Korean style!!

Off to do a little late study again~



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Of Mariam Johari and Korea Plaza event

Mariam Johari a.k.a Kim Soon AEe: May she rest in peace

While I'm typing this, I'm deadly exhausted for walking from campus to my sorority house. I'll just make it short for all honeys here ^^

As usual, checking my mail first of all, my plurk, my personal social sites and blah3. I got 6 emails and I was.... O.O Don't tell me it's another invitation again?

Well, please read it here to know

Foosh! Suddenly I felt all the energy went back and I squealed without no hesitance!! My sorority sisters was like...what the heck is happening on you, she thought I've ruined my hair again on the curler thongs. LOL! And when I pointed the thing, one of them rolled her eyes and said "Dream on, you got A CONSULTATION and TWO DISCUSSIONS to be done on THAT PARTICULAR DAY,"

And I couldn't agree more. I'm finally here, near the capital where I could quench my addiction but yeah, lets get real.

I DO NOT wish to reveal myself until Super Show landed here in Malaysia or at least I met Super Junior in Malaysia. And that is strictly my vow. Stupid eh? But that is how I am. Do not try to comprehend me. Most people fail at it.

Out now. Be right back when...uh....Kibum is back? LOLz!


p/s: A silent moment for Mariam Johari a.k.a Kim Soon Ae, the Malay-Malaysian woman who left stranded at South Korea. She passed away last Saturday at 12.20 A.M. Alfatihah and may she rest in peace. . .

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Taking Back My Love

Why? Simple! He is like so cheerful and hyper according to most fan accounts

And he is the ONLY member who got the effort to at least mutter some Malay words!! One fan account said that he kept saying Apa Khabar, Terima Kasih and when fans said to him Apa Khabar, he replied 'SAYANG' shamelessly. LOL!!!! This happens at Kota Kinabalu Airport ^^

How can I not welcome this guy once again to Malaysia? XD And him being cheeky all the time in most of the pictures and his warm attitude, even drawing stuff like this:

credits: starfir3@triplesmalaysia

How can I not love this kind of bubbly and friendly guy?? MY LOVE TO HYUNG JOON WAS SNATCHED BY PARK JUNG MIN! I don't care if he did nose job, so what? Personally, I don't think he did that though~ I got a friend who has a weird-plastic-like nose, but...I grew up with him, so...I know it's not plastic. Aigooo....

Officially in love~ and now I had to think again, should I go to SS501 concert? I want to welcome Park Jung Min! I want to tell him, oh, you're most welcome to Malaysia anytime! Aku Cinta Kamu ok, that's a! But this is what the blog is all about, spazzing.


p/s: For all the sayangzz, I didn't make it for the cut. But thank you to all of you for your prayers, I really appreciate that ^^