Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Of Mariam Johari and Korea Plaza event

Mariam Johari a.k.a Kim Soon AEe: May she rest in peace

While I'm typing this, I'm deadly exhausted for walking from campus to my sorority house. I'll just make it short for all honeys here ^^

As usual, checking my mail first of all, my plurk, my personal social sites and blah3. I got 6 emails and I was.... O.O Don't tell me it's another invitation again?

Well, please read it here to know

Foosh! Suddenly I felt all the energy went back and I squealed without no hesitance!! My sorority sisters was like...what the heck is happening on you, she thought I've ruined my hair again on the curler thongs. LOL! And when I pointed the thing, one of them rolled her eyes and said "Dream on, you got A CONSULTATION and TWO DISCUSSIONS to be done on THAT PARTICULAR DAY,"

And I couldn't agree more. I'm finally here, near the capital where I could quench my addiction but yeah, lets get real.

I DO NOT wish to reveal myself until Super Show landed here in Malaysia or at least I met Super Junior in Malaysia. And that is strictly my vow. Stupid eh? But that is how I am. Do not try to comprehend me. Most people fail at it.

Out now. Be right back when...uh....Kibum is back? LOLz!


p/s: A silent moment for Mariam Johari a.k.a Kim Soon Ae, the Malay-Malaysian woman who left stranded at South Korea. She passed away last Saturday at 12.20 A.M. Alfatihah and may she rest in peace. . .

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