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Self-motivating: Fangirl's way

Min: You should help me wipe more often ^^
Jungmo: Whut??? Hell no, you own one crazy wife!!

Not generally, but at least I'm doing it XD

I was listless since the Raya holiday is over. I'm shocked to see that I need to submit 5 assignments which requires you to do extensive research, questionnaires, interviews, etc right when I hit back the class. Instantly, the whole world seems dark. If I didn't manage to clear these 'clogging' jobs, than I'd end up with hideous pointer which something that I wouldn't want! As a proud fangirl, I want to prove that, us fans, can achieve the same, maybe even better than people who puts their nose on the books 24/7. (Oh, whilst I'm typing this, my lecturer adds another assignment, which now totals up to 6 T-T).

I don't know if this sounds eerie to you, or maybe you can call me delusional (I kept thinking I AM), but this is how I do it.

(Suddenly I felt awkward calling Ming as my hubby) My obsession, Lee Sungmin is now very busy, preparing for AKillA yet he enjoyed it very much. Always show us that smiles and I couldn't help but to fall again and again to him. No matter how many times it is, I am still going to fall for the exact same boy of Super Junior, Lee Sungmin My Hubby.

^Too much eyeliner. I should be there to monitor the make-up artist

So I was....dang. If he is that calm to do his everyday routine, why can't I? I mean, the pressure of his are incomparable with mine. I just need to settle some few arrangements of meetups, cramp myself at the library and everything would be fine. But he needs to moves around, practice a lot. Travels a lot.

And that motivates me. Just if he can do so. Why can't I? Damn, I'm an academic person, I must do better than my superstar-multi-talented-pretty-nice-sweet-mysterious-hot hubby.

Min: Is there any chance to get away from this delusional 'wife'?
Heenim: Dude, the girl is lunatic. You need to kill her to be free.

Just want to tell you one thing. If you've read about Heenim tried to leave Super Junior once, you might know that Heenim was touched by a few younger members who had grown distant since he is busy acting and had little time to spent together with his dongsaengs. For my own retard-delusional theory, it is Sungmin whom he meant.

Why? First, I'm dead sure Heenim and Sungmin are far more awkward than SungminXKangin or HeenimXEunhyuk. I rarely sees them interacting with each other. But as the interview surfaced, I see lots of HeenimXSungmin moment seriously something rare. Em. Like that.

Yes, talking about obsession. Sometimes it ate me up, sometimes it brings me up.


p/s: MY-HOTTEST is bringing the flash mob up this sunday at KL Sentral-Putra KLCC-KLCC park, so watch out dudes and babes!!

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