Saturday, September 12, 2009

[SJ-World] Donation and Towel Order

As you guys have known, SJ-World is facing trouble with the server host and I'm encouraging you to donate so we could have SJ-World back with better server in the future. All donation is done with USD and I can help you to send your donation via PayPal. $5 is the minimum of the payment but any donation made below the amount is still acceptable (though I don't think it's very decent....). Here is currency convertor online that might help you.

All you have to do is send your donation through Maybank ATM Cash Deposit Machine or via online banking. If you're using cash deposit machine, please send me the proof of payment (bank slip) to avoid scams and if you're using online banking, just type my email at the recipient's box.

Please use your SJ-World's username on the chatbox and drop a comment saying "donation" with email on the website/email box if you're interested. I would send you my details within 24 hours.

For people who had actually ordered their towel and would made payment through me but haven't done so yet, you can leave a comment of "SJW Towel" with your SJ-World username and your email if you need my details. Just in case you haven't saved my details other than in your PM Inbox. I will email you within 24 hours.

Thank you.


Norfy a.k.a Miss Healerzz is NOT one of the staffs at SJ-World and Sayanghaeyo is a personal spazzing site, thus any questions regarding the donation and towel purchase should be made at the righteous forum and not to be made here unless it's about how to send donation or purchase the towel through me to SJ-World.

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