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Sorry Sorry got FAKED!

I have to admit, though how much faster our country is running as a developing country, piracy is still a HUGE problem and I don't care much at first but when it comes to Super Junior. . . .

. . . It pisses me off.

No, I wasn't talking about the obvious FAKE and PIRATED CDs that we can found it around the Pasar Malam (night market) with RM10 for 3 CDs pasted on it. That is too clear to tell and I don't even bother. True fans know their thing and know how to really support.

I am talking about a nicely packaged with wooden box, beautifully printed with nice paper, offers MV as well and claimed to be Chinese version of Sorry Sorry kind of FAKE CD.

Yes, it existed! It happens that this kind of fake stuff persuade a buyer with this as her first time to buy K-pop stuffies. She happens to give it to her E.L.F friend, poor little thing. . . .

Thanks to Maskuto, he shared some pictures with us to see the fakeness of it. Please to see his fan account and the pictures of the FAKE CDs at his site.

From what he had told; I've summarized that:-

  1. The fake SJ jib is bought at "Hiro Comic World Sdn. Bhd." located at Petaling Street.
  2. The price is nearly the same if you bought from YesAsia, RM40++
  3. The seller claimed it as CHINA version which is BOGUS. The only version in chinese language is Taiwan version.
  4. There is a huge 'U' logo which should represents U song but was put everywhere at the packaging.
  5. There is no booklet that should contain lyrics.
  6. Wooden box never existed at any version of K-Pop albums.
  7. A picture of Super Junior performing Sorry Sorry is there when the album supposed to be out FIRST before being performed at the public.
  8. The quality of the MV is horrible, according to Maskuto, it was similar to YouTube-ripped ones and its built in a CD-ROM, not a DVD.
  9. Play the CD at Windows Media Player and it shows 'Unknown Song' by 'Unknown Artist'.

So honey bunches, please be aware of the fake stuff! And I officially slated Hiro Comics World Sdn. Bhd. in Sayanghaeyo's black list for K-pop fans to shop. Reasonable enough because:

  1. Persuading a fan to buy a FAKE CD where it wouldn't benefit both buyers and the artist the fan loves. I wouldn't waste my time blogging about this if they're not going off the border. The part that they had suggested such thing is so irresponsible and very selfish for their own good.
  2. Faking such hard to get items in Malaysia is a huge sin of greed. Especially when the fans are going all desperate to have one, they made money over enthusiasm with the wrong way.
  3. All of the reasons above is good enough for me to BAR the said shop as being irresponsible, greedy for their own needs and cater unreliable goods.
Please spread around this piece of important news. Do not buy anything from this shop to show that you're against their deeds of scamming people's money away. Thank you so much. Please do not forget to credit Maskuto and link back to his blog if you spread this thing around your circles of friends.

I did this, because I do not want another fan got scammed and since we couldn't do anything with piracy here, at least we could know and recognize any people who would want to cheat you over your interest. Now honey bunches, please pass around this info. THANKIES!


p/s: MY-SMTOWN is going to close soon. Please mark your final farewell at the shoutbox. It'll slowly change to a blog instead. Oh, and I just want to let you know, my red hair is similar to Ming's hair now. Talking about match made from heaven *Pink Pumpkins rise to attack*


mulan77 said…
that's bad.. i know that shop..i always went there maybe 2-3 years back.. finding a korean drama DVD.. but nowadays i didn't go there.. same with you.. before this i didn't care bout piracy.. but when it came to super junior... totally different... but the way the girls persuade the girls to buy that CD was really bad.. she knew that the CD is faked.. but she convinced her it was original... i'm soo mad..but you know Petaling street.. we can't do anything about it.. the area likes protected... be careful..
Miss Healerzz said…
yes, that is my deepest concern. i mean, ok la, its a fake, its everywhere. but convincing others and told them its 'original' is soooo very damned glutton for money of them! its unforgivable and yes, BLACKLISTED! Unnie, what do you mean 'protected'? O.o got gangsters ah? omg....
mulan77 said…
yeah..that kind of "PROTECTED"... scary rite...
Miss Healerzz said…
*gulps* scary enuff! i might wanna warn maskuto so he would be extra careful. who knows they got hacker or something like that. thankies for telling unnie~
last year when i asked my mom to buy all super junior albums she sees when she went to KL,she terbeli two fake cds too.i still have has KRY picture but the name was K.T.Y. ==; the cover is made of wood and got cds (that doesnt work wth).the songs in it was from don't don album.then they also put some pics of suju photoshoot.

and the other one is not wooden.but has that same shining logo.they compiled all suju perf from twins to don't don days and put it in dvd.and also a cd of songs from don't don album.even the cover.tsk~

if i was there i can tell her not to buy it.but i wasn't with her at that time. ==; and im so against of buying pirate cd of kpop especially suju and my other fav group.i think compared to buying pirate cds,downloading illegally is better.since those stupid people doesnt gain any money.

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