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I am very sure most of you knew the existence of different fandoms for K-Pop bands and persons. There are a lot of terms used, to present the uniqueness and to show their relationship to their favorite artist. I can list it all but it's going to be endless and people might see my ignorant for some fandoms' names LOL! So yeah, it is well noted ;)

Therefore, there are seas of people with different interests within one platform they're standing together. Fandom. The beautiful stage where loyalties, support, team work and hard work are mainly important to keep the artist they love breathing. I'm not exaggerating. The artists need the enthusiast and the lovers to actually get moving, after all, its their career. Career means a dedicated job. Job means a source of preparing person's basic needs. Fandom and fans are playing really important roles in one celebrity's life like seriously.

The diversion of fans and fandoms could actually invites a lot of possibilities. There is no doubt that we might bump into some little fight or sometimes huge fight. After all, fans want to place their beloved at the very first place and would be doing all their might. It can actually be done with lots of peace, whilst minding one business instead of lurking on others and get annoyed of other fandom's job. Probably some words, some acts, that wouldn't get discovered if one is not that busy body. Its their fandom, its their place, why can't they shit it out? Do not be a hypocrite and says you never shit on other fandoms when you're within you're own gang. I know you did once in a while because I know I did, and it's plain normal.

Its really ugly to see fans overreacted on some issues and starts to be rude to other fans. There is no need to give your rotten piece of mind really, keep it to yourself as it will only cost you an ugly image. What ugly? Well, frankly, I don't mind spazzing. I spazz a lot and there is no way of stopping it. But there is a limit. Now, I'm not trying to be a teacher or your momma. Try to think of it for once at least.

Why start a fight? So you're being angry of others words. You think its ugly and unnecessary. So why waste the effort of replying the exact same words to anger them back? You're being UGLY and unnecessary at the moment you started a fight. Not to mention you're reflecting a really bad image on what kind of fans your favorite artist had. We knew the stereotype people pasted on us, fans. So why do you need to give more proofs? For god sake, try to prove them wrong instead.

Why would you need to talk bad on other fandom? When they are actually the same as you, admiring and supporting their favorite artist even its not the same as yours? You're a fan. They're a fan too. You can actually feel their situation, really. By having a pinch of empathy.

Why would you need to defend your artist with vulgar words on other artist/fans/fandom? Seriously honeys, that reflects on how you are actually a blind lover. Delusional and pathetic. Vulgar words are always being used by losers, especially when they know they're defeated. A silence can actually act stronger than some senseless inappropriate words.

Why would you have to hold the fight longer? So you had spoken nicely and had some points. The debate continues. Honey needs to stop when you see the pattern kept repeating. Let the goldfish talks alone and got carried away, the person will be the one who gets embarrassed. Ignorance is great at times.

Since I've entered the fandom of K-Pop, I've been into several fans wars and it can be damned ugly. Thank god for some rational fans, they're much open-minded and even straighten up their fellow fans to not be such a rash. It could be a very tensed battle ever but it all will ends up good with such civilized fans everywhere. Now, that would make your artists be proud of you :) I can't get over the proud face Super Junior had when they told the Onlbam's ahjumma about their fans promoting their comeback with posters around the city yet will put it down after a period of times as to be responsible. Why not make your artists felt proud like this again and again?

So honeys, I'll leave something for you as a fan myself.

Loving them to the max is not enough. Loving them with a MEANINGFUL ATTITUDE is what worth all the gifts you might want to pour on them.


p/s: If the artist themselves could love and support each other, why not us. Its up to you really, but mind you. Being UGLY and POOR of attitude benefits none of any parties including yourself. T.H.I.N.K. Oh, and Chuseok would fall on 3r October this year! My festive mood is on despite of all the crazy assignments LOL

**all pictures are not MINE! Was taken somewhere I don't remember, collected them when I was a real noob


Ninonoi said…
Love your post about these whole fandom thing dear.^^ I have the same opinion and thoughts like you too.. All the artist can work together,love each other and support themselves but why can't the fans do so??

I, myself proud to say other that being ELF, I do support ShiNee,DBSK,SNSD, 2ne1,Big Bang, SS501, KARA, 2PM, 2AM,etc.. hehe..just so many that I like other than SJ.. :P

I met so many fans with UGLY and POOR of attitude. Looking and talking with them makes me feel so frustrated so I try not to be one..
Miss Healerzz said…
Its good to know that :D I'm just so upset that fans goes overboard on some unnecessary issue. Not to say I'm such a good person (hell no) but don't we have ethics in fangirling too? LMAO!

I'm glad you love the post neway, thanks ^^

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