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Kill. Me.

Shut up.

I know.

I GASPED too loud that my roomate thought I had an asthma!

Just what the heck the costume coordinator is thinking of? I'm lying if I'm not saying I detest this look. I wonder what kind of world the theater is trying to present? Fantasy? Ancient?

As much as I love Ming, I was so well-relieved that I didn't catch this act of his live. Ok, so its art. But to think that Ming is going to be in that costume for ONE MONTH, I felt my soul went away. AkillA successfully killed me, and its not a good thing.

The only good thing maybe is Ming showing off that skin from his chest down to his abdomen. that is rare, considering the fact that he NEVER goes topless before. This peek is just great to make me go OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!

Sungmin oppa, just fighting! I know you're going to make it good and grab more attention soon with that great acting skills behind that........umm...artsy costume.

In the other hand, please to know that this coming Sunday, 11th of October is the E.L.F war day where we bought Sorry Sorry version A to support Super Junior on the chart's war. On that day, I'd be finally meeting the high committee of Sapphirepearls Malaysia to finalize everything for Super Junior's 4th Anniversary celebration for Malaysian E.L.F. You can check it out here for more information and the mass celebration would be up soon, so please stay tune :D

And oh, Yoonji unnie. Thank you so much for the healing words for Kangin~ I bet it helps Kangin a lot, thinking that Kangin and her had been together for quite a few months. I love KangJi, seriously go get married and have children!


p/s: For sayangzz who had been waiting for my reports on Donghae's Birthday project, please understand that currently I'm facing problems with my lappy and only would be updating about it after the lappy (proudly named Danish) is back. For sayangzz who voiced out their concern on my last post, thank you so much, I'm so sorry I couldn't explain but I really want to stress the point of obtaining respects as fangirls and fasten your safety well. Thank you once again!

*pic credits as tagged+baidu and More pictures of Sungmin's AKillA premium night here


yin said…
i duno why but all the other comments i've seen regarding this AkillA article . they were like "sungmin gaja !" kinda thing . -_-||
that makeup ......... is the .. omg-est .

lol ^^" get well soon Danish ~
my laptop's named Devil .
so when Teukie's on desktop screen ..
it becomes Devil meets Angel . XD
Miss Healerzz said…
LOL! I love that Devil meets Angel you've got there XD

Danish is perfectly fine now, thank you for your concern<3

And yeah, I know being supportive is cool....but I'm just being honest though...maybe we should try to ditch that idol-image Min already had so he could try a lot of other streams in future....haha~

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