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Sayanghaeyo on Kangin's case

As most of you had knew, Kangin is getting accused for driving drunk and hit a taxi with a driver and two passengers in it. There is no major injuries and he turned himself to the police few hours after the incident so police had taken this into consideration; however the case had been treated as a hit and run since he didn't turn himself up earlier/on the spot.

More information is going to be up soon, since this is just the surface of what happened, there might be something beneath it that we didn't know. Be it good or not.

Our dear big bear Kangin or Youngwoon is no doubt in his darkest hours of being an idol, as being Super Junior's Kangin.

As a living person, aside as being a fangirl, I could have hated him for driving while being drunk. Wasn't there a CLEAR RULES saying: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE??? And choosing to drive while you're clearly drunk, is a huge mistake you could ever done. I've been a victim of hit and run case before, so I couldn't forgive anything like this to happen. It could have killed someone if its not EVERYONE.

Do not hate me. Am trying to be rational. As I've told you before, I'm not going to make people think us, fangirls are all stupid, blind and delusional anymore. Senses are so very much needed here.

Yet, would you think a family member of Kangin's would ditch him out because of this? Do you think his friends would run away and forget him in instance because of this? Is there any possibilities that Kangin would be left alone because of one very, very great messed up case?

Of course not.

There is family to help him. Maybe a good slap from his dad, maybe a very lengthy cry and babble from his mom, his parents might just meet the victims face to face and make their apology over their son's deeds, maybe made Kangin himself to come over and ask solemn forgiveness.

There are friends to prevent him from doing this again. Maybe they are the one who asked him to give himself out, so he would not had any further problem. Another babble might just came out from a very talkative friend. The real friends, despite of their busy everyday life, would make some ample time to see him, to resides him, to guide him where to go when its all seems wrong and to tell him: "It's going to be alright, I am here,"

Family is where you would return to. What are friends for? Famous phrase aren't they? Here comes the infamous one.

Fans as to be with you when you're at the peak of life and at the deepest trouble.

The most odd relationship one could have is a person and fans. Fans are not family, nor are they friends. They are bunch of admirers and lovers and long had been doing things just how family members and friends would do. Supporting them, celebrating their success and crying together with them, fans are residing them. True fans couldn't detach him or herself from the one they had been admiring, because they had vowed to love them no matter what happened.

The same things goes for Kangin and us, ELFs or specifically, Chamomile (Kangin's fans). We had been regarding ourselves as the family members, the friends, the lovers that Kangin himself would never personally know we even existed. A true fan that would try to be with him even at his most troublesome moment. Just like how families and friends would react, that is how we would react. Of course we would be upset, we felt like lecturing him, we felt like seeing him and ask him "What the hell are you doing there dude??" and yes, our heart goes out to the victims that might get killed. If its possible, we fans might want to see them and their family personally and said our deepest concern over their life of it. This is no child play, its a life we're dealing with. We felt very sorry for what Kangin had done.

For you, haters, netizens and fans alike. Do know that us fangirls are not blind. So you too, do not be blind and claim us to be stupid all over.

As much as we love Kangin, we know how to react with responsibility and at the same time, its impossible to detach Kangin as someone that we dearly admire. Because we know, if he is to be that bad, he wouldn't turn himself out and endanger his career, such honest man would do that and Kangin is only being honest and responsible. Do not question that.

Please forgive Kim Youngwoon, Super Junior's Kangin for he had done something that an idol or as a responsible person shouldn't be doing. Please do remember that he had been honest about this, please consider us fans are not being blind to believe in him.

We're mad and upset we couldn't deny it. But we believe he would try to straighten things dutifully, as a person, as a citizen, as a son, as an idol and as Kim Youngwoon that we all knew.

I am mad with Kangin, but I believe in Kangin

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yin said…
Norfy unnie . i so totally agree with you . We don't just blindly whatever they do we just say it's right and that it's the best and they are not wrong . They are humans too and we know . We are like a family that they know but this family's members are a sea of people they might not recognize all .

he seemed very very apologetic in his recent apology that he posted on the Super Junior homepage (i guess that's where it is, i just saw the translation that's posted) .

as cruel and bad as i may sound, i hope he gets the punishment he deserves for his wrong doing but no further than that . it's good that he knew he was wrong and is regretting it . i;m sure it's a very painful lesson for him . but we are always here to support him to heal from his wounds . ^^

Kangin oppa hwaiting !!
Anonymous said…
he is in fault but nobody's going to abandon him...
everyone makes mistakes. just that hes a celeb and everything's blown up.
at least he know that hes in the fault. anyway...
kangin, hwaiting!
world of my own said…
is it just me or no more chatbox in ur page? hurts me ;(
but he must feel so horrible for letting us down :(
yeah, i agree with you norfy and well said yin.
mulan77 said…
idk what to say anymore.. frustrated.. yeah.. i'm hoping for his first case settle soonest possible.. but then.... another incident happened.. T_T
KANGINAAAA KANGINAAA KANGINAAA!!! wae!!... Drink & drive gosh... i hope he learn something from this...rite now.. we just have to wait what will be the outcome from this incident.. i hate waiting.. hope for the best for him...
Anonymous said…
dear..i am so proud the way u handle this..i agree with u and i support kangin 100%.. people always say that fangirls are tooo obsessed that they refused to see the real thing that is happening.. but they didnt know that we actually do concern bout the bad things happening to the one person we admire.. its just that.. is not that easy for us to let go of that one precious person... frens, family and fans are the people who will always be supporting kangin all the way.. no one can say anything about that.. let alone to deny it...

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