Monday, October 26, 2009

SJ-World Donghae's Birthday Project [REPORT]

First of all, honeys, sayangzz....I am so damned sorry for my late report. School tasks, personal money-making industry (LOL) made me washed-out and put me to no choice but to wait for the right time to have this report going on.

Anyway, here is the budget.

Postal Charge(to Singapore): RM22

Petrol Surcharge: 10% of the postal charge, RM2.20

Service Surcharge: 10% of the postal charge, RM2.20

Bedded envelope: Free (I got it from my roomate :P)

TOTAL: RM26.40

Five girls successfully made their fishes way to my inbox on time. I am so sorry to other girls whom had their fishes submitted late, I couldn't hand it over to Joyce (I even received Shindong's cards at that time U__U).

The share of this project for each girls (again, I tried to join Donghae's project but FAIL due to excess time on research and study) would be RM26.40/5


Oh, ignore that coins. Just pay back to me RM5 ok? ^^ That would be convenient to you and to me.

I couldn't help but to notice the decreasing numbers of people joining this fan project x_____x Oh, well. Maybe you guys are doing it by your own. Though I'm not encouraging people to spend too much money on sending it alone since its costly and you could actually saves the spent money on some other things. Its economy downturn and I felt bad for parents thinking everyday on budgeting and stuff to cope with it. Help your parents sayangzz!

And here is the pic of the fishes. I took it during my photo communication's class at the lab so it's quite eerie there and yes, it's only one as I'm taking it while my lecturer is not looking :P

Alright, my connection is not being friendly to me like two days. I couldn't upload pictures through any of the uploaders available (blogger, photobucket, friendster, myspace, imageshack, twitterfrog etc) So I guess you guys had to wait until the connection is decent again. Don't worry, I'll upload it once the connection is fine soon.

To pass me the money, you can send it through bank transfer or send it to me with pos biasa (but please cover the envelope so the money couldn't be seen).

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