Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unleash that Eunhyuk wanna be in you!

So, 8TV Nite Live had been promoting this Sorry Sorry Dancing contest and I am one of the squealing fangirls around the block. Well, I don't have the time to join nor do I have the talent, but I'm going to freaking promote this contest to all of you. Read here for more details!

I bet of all the steps in Sorry Sorry you've tried, tutting would be the HARDEST part. It is hard, but its possible to achieve. I've studied the tut and could do it after 2 days with all the unnecessary focus on it when I should study my books. So here is one good tutting tutorial of Super Junior that I've found.

Credits to PungPhooie

For people in their teens, you can still achieve that super jelly moves like Eunhyuk to do that perfect popping and waving. And no comment on SungTeukEunHae footworks! That needs some serious practice to achieve fast moving legs like that. I FAIL on that everytime I tried!!

I wish you all the best, do tell me if you're going to get your nerves on with that contest. Wanna see how sick your moves could be :) Kamsahamnida


p/s: I'd be trying to do on the report soon, Donghae's wifey. Mike and Moe at 8TV Nite Live are very cute duo, you guys had to watch them being dorky! XDD

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