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About H.A.T.E

I'm taking some time to update this almost-dead blog. And hey! I just rejuvenated my LJ though I don't still get to see the chemistry between us yet. Blogspot is still the best for me ;D

So as you think I'm being idle while hiatus-ing, I'm still here, behind the screen to monitor what happen around the world (I'm a communication student for god sake! Online is just a MUST!), so beware sayangzz, I'm watching!

Of course, this blog is dedicated to fangirling and I'm talking about fangirling at this moment.

Ok, so heres the treat. I remember plurking and Maskuto posted a video that he said was non-sense and when I watch it, I am certain it would likely to sparks fire between Shawol (SHINee World) and Hottest. I gave away my two cents since the uploader has not state any proof and the proof that she sent up after that was all the way unrelated to her point either. I wasn't trying to pick a fight or so, I was trying to give her a bit sense and hopefully she will remove that video. I do not wish for fandoms to hate and fight with each other!

This is what I get from her:-

She posted three comments and the other two was similar but when I checked the video's comment, it was deleted. THAT one comment up there was the one that I'm so much in rage of! Known as a hot headed person, I went to his account and would like to ask things or two about this (I'm a patriotic person, I don't deny it) but she blocked me.

Right after that, she sent me this:-

Yes, that was one month ago when she posted that up. Since I couldn't reply to her at her account, I did at my own, just in case she might came back to check me out. Well, I'm certainly right when she apparently came back and topped my comment page there! LMAO!

I don't get why she is getting so personal with me and the others who are trying to say DO NOT SHOW THIS VIDEO. From what me and some other users that she also personally attacked understood (with VERY low comprehend-able English she got there, so sorry!), the vid is trying to show that a fan (apparently, she alleged the fan to be a shawol) is the one who should bear the responsible for surfacing the controversial comment from Jaebum's MySpace.

The fan had apologized and felt bad about it, so I don't see the point to turn the anger to that fan. I mean, of course I'm upset of what she did, but she had apologized. Wasn't that the same thing happened to Jay? I wouldn't turn the circle round and around its just useless. The video is provoking Hottests to turn the hate to Shawol (the uploader kept saying that shawol is jealous of 2PM and made the controversial comment public).

When I thought everything was okay and she already removed the video (too many angry comment towards the uploader) she came back to push a fight with me. I was all the way LOLOLOLOLOL!!! She kept checking me up ain't her?? XD Such a fan of mine~ thank you!

THIS. My sayangzz, is not what a TRUE fangirl supposed to do. Not saying I'm all that but a fangirl with a BRAIN wouldn't go all emotional and left the relevance out in her action. Especially when you are presenting yourself as a fan of a specific star. The uploader is a KimBum of BOF fan, so I was.....wth....whenever I see KimBum. Pitied him for having such a non-sense fan~ Oh well, I'm not that immature for labeling or such, but I do felt funny when I bumped to any KimBum related news or such. LOLz!

So think twice when you think the wrath is taking over yourself, watch the act you're going to take. Do peace, not war!

Talking about what a fangirl shouldn't do, I was randomly hitting words on google and I went to this blog that was a total HIT back when I'm still a mod at MY-SMTown.

Yep, a self-proclaimed international anti of Super Junior blog. Its called Stupid Junior and had a YouTube account also. Feel free to visit the blog and the youtube channel, just don't leave a comment. Do not give a damn no matter how insulting the user might try to be. Oh, do I have to mention another BAD ENGRISH again? I'm telling you people, come there to have a good laugh is fine. But to waste your energy and time, posting lengthy comment on such blog, PLEASE.

Why its not worth to do so at such blog? Because:

1) That is what the user wanted! Attention! And when he/she got famous for doing so, being a hater is such a WIN for the user.

2) The 'hate' or 'anti' method he/she used there are so cheap. CHEAP that I couldn't stand to laugh at it!! I mean, subbing videos with so-so English, manipulating pictures to make the boys looked hideous, writing random comments, oh-my-god. . . . . .That is just a total turn off, I don't even the feel the rage to fight over. He/she is just so pitiful, like seriously. . . . *Loser hand sign*

I can't imagine her/him spending ample time to maintain both blog and youtube account, she/he really knows how to enjoy life eh? *pitiful eyes*

However, when I said I've ignored the blog and youtube channel for more than 6 months, it seems that the user is still going on. Why? Well, take a look at how many 'supporters' he/she got there.
See how hard for Sayanghaeyo (where it supposed to spread love....No?) to get a single comment but the so called anti got so many attention in just mere words and manipulated picture? How ironic eh? How can the anti not be happy? Her purpose became true, dear all.

From all the comments I read there, all of them came from FANS. None of them are saying: "Oh, I support you, lets hate SJ together". So yeah, from fans the user had the strength to move on for another hate, because he/she know, FANS are reading and responding. See?

This is what I learnt from Michael Jackson, the most controversial mega-superstar of all time, Rest In Peace. Being said this and that, alleged and hated, he still standing strong an he used to say:
Ignorance is hostility.

Which is very much true. So be deaf and mute about the hates that turn up to you. Ignore so they know their cause and purpose are not going to work and that nobody cares about it. Well, of course you had your own free will and choice. All I'm trying to do is for you to have a bit sense about this. Make your stars proud of you, not ashamed of you ;D

And that is all for my latest entry. Whoosh! Going back to hit my past year papers!


p/s: Not that I'm trying to beg you guys, COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMET in my blog though I wish I could interact more with my readers, but that is not my point. LOL! Don't twist my words for this, will ya?

p/s/s: I edited out some words, apparently some typos and uncleaned lines made me looks like another ENGRISH blogger!! LMAO! What a noob~


Keul said…
They are EPIC FAIL!
Especially the Stupid Junior one.
I remember the vid where she said TVXQ is bashing SJ or something, there were no TVXQ AT ALL except a picture of them and the background is she talking. =/

- Heekmah
Miss Healerzz said…
LOL! If its not your avvie dn ur name there, i wouldn't know its you XD

yeah, the blog is all the way crying for attention and it saddens me how it succeed so far =3=

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