Wednesday, November 25, 2009

[RANDOM] Is it only me or what?

SJ: If you're bored and you know you turn to right, yeeha!
Me: *yawns*

I refuse to talk about MAMA 2009 it'll invite stupid debates. But here is my stance:

It is not a suitable reference for KPop scene 2009 if we're going to look for it in the future.

Alright, so this is my blog post out of boredom. Bored. Yes, you've read me, bored.

Currently, after all the controversies and scandals where it gets the K-poppers all excited with negative energy, I felt like it gave out really tiring mind at the half end of the year. Seriously, whenever I scroll for latest K-Pop news, went to SJ-World, SFI, Soshified, Soompi and even to AllKPop, I was.....oh my god. Nothing interesting.

I wonder if its only me. . . I tried to update myself with latest songs, watching dramas (which I stopped halfway), read back all the interviews and transcripts of Sukira and watch Star King, try to get some laughing stock from Kpop macros, read fanfics. Ahh.. I don't know. I don't feel it. I don't find it appealing.

The reason why I wish I am a Korean gag lady instead of idols: 4:51-5:00
*credits: dirah9304@YT

I'm in need of something fresh. All the negative things that happened the half end of this year gets and bugs a lot on me. Something new would be nice to tell me:"Its still as colorful as the first time you inhaled KPop,".

Oh, as I was typing this, I read a news about KARA opening a bakery using their own loan money. Seems interesting and promising. I'd be looking forward for this!

I do think Minho could play Takashi Morinozuka really well and Key could play Tamaki Suoh. . . . He is tall, he is young, he is dark, he speak less, he is well-built. Hmm..... what do you think? ;D

And I'm looking forward for the treat of music festivals to end this miserable year. I hope KPop is still relevant in my blood, after all, I was just into it for a year.

Seriously, I think I need to get a new layout too ==;


p/s: I was thinking, maybe I'm just missing Kangin. . .

*Minho pic credits as tagged, Mori's pic taken from and SJ Kyochon scan was taken from

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