Friday, December 11, 2009


Jules unnie had always been my favorite in 8TV Nite Live, I'm her fan since I listen to her the first time on Fly FM ^^ And at first I think Mike is menyibuk; but his sincerity to learn more K-Pop for the viewers win over. Moe, man.....I was thinking him as penyibuk too at first but then, WHERE IS THE FUN WITHOUT MOE?? XD

You can see, though I am so overly bias (just take Sungmin from Super Junior as reference); I always tried to be fair and square. I mean, to be neutral and give my love to everybody. Ailabeu~~♥♥ (Donghae's Engrish are just sinfully cute to ignore at).

And after few times of stalking on the emcees twitter, blogs and facebooks. Finally I brave myself to say something, at Moe's blog. LOL!! And I wouldn't expect a reply. BUT HE CAME OVER THIS CRAP FANGIRL'S BLOG TWICE!! And left TWO comments on separate posts *____________*

I'm exaggerating. Should tame the caps lock and LOL abuse now. Sorry ==;

So from now on, to show my gratefulness; I'm going to be TEAM MOE in the show XD Of course I'm going to be fair and neutral as usual, but when the situation needs me to choose, I'll say I am TEAM MOE!

And since Sayanghaeyo had always given honor to local people by addressing them in Korean way; I'd be addressing Moe as Moe 오 빠 (Oppa) ^^

So, people. Be aware that Sayanghaeyo is officially TEAM MOE-friendly and if you're TEAM MOE-er, you're always welcome here :D :D :D


p/s: Of course I'd still love Jules unnie and Mike~ LOL I might call Mike as ahjussi, no? I know I call Wallance (the chat moderator) as AHJUSSI!


Moe Nasrul said...

Make that 3 times :D

Annyong ha shimnikka Che irumun Moe Nasrul imnida...


Miss Healerzz said...

De~ annyeeoonng Moe oppa ^^ che nan, Norfy imnida

kamsahamnida for replying back! Yes, GO TEAM MOE XD XD FIGHTING!

sherermac™ said...

hahaha! and now Moe is ur regular visitor! hahahaha!


Miss Healerzz said...

@hosh: if dat happens, i'm like kena control, sopan santun. cannot nose bleed too much. LOLz!!

anyway, i'll be his regular too<3