Thursday, December 24, 2009

Because I need to update

Here is Mike, Moe and Jules in Celebrity Chat hosted by Baki Zainal :D

*credits to 8tvNiteLive

LMAO! Jules did Nobody and Moe did some sort of Sorry Sorry. Mike? He gives you FLYING KISS!! XD

And one fact that we learn from this chat; Jules is actually replacing Baki Zainal who is the one who should do Nite Live O.O Wow, it would be different without her~ three guys would be out of control I guess, learning that Baki is no different than MnM LOLz

Another fact, Moe is the one who presents to you the TRAFFIC at FLY FM XD XD. Mike was founded by Paul Moss through Twitter and he debuted in 8TV Nite Live :D Jules applied for Chinese broadcast station at first. Wow! So many trivias!

I just heart 8TV Nite Live~


p/s: Coming soon


Moe Nasrul said...

It's all true hahahahaha :D

HEEEEE ;E said...

Founded by Twitter? SO LUCKY!
No wonder he loves Twitter so much lololol XD

Miss Healerzz said...

@Moe oppa: like seriously, I wasn't paying attention on your blog header before, so fail -___-;

@Hee bb: LOL! Ikr?? He is such a Twitter-maniac XD