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Farewell to P-Sshi

The reason that this blog started, the reason this blog still continues, the reason I started to love K-Pop, if you've been reading Sayanghaeyo you might noticed how many times I mentioned P-Sshi in most of my entries.

Of course we've been good friends since elementary school, 11 years old to be exact. She got a lot of interests, mostly sports, current issues and relaxing, soulful music. I was getting into her interest bits only, never I indulged into one of it like totally.

Until she introduced K-Pop to me.

I was reluctant; I'm a J-rock-er (Visual Kei to be exact) and I thought boybands are damned fake! I'm kind of sick with some Korea lovers that I knew were spazzing like totally gone wrong in the head, so I'm like, no thanks when she told me about it. I even pretend to know Super Junior so P-Sshi would stop convincing me to get to know them!

P-Sshi's will is much stonger than mine, so yeah. Here I am standing typing as the Hallyu shook my life like totally. As we both stand for like a year, together, loving K-Pop.

But there are times when I'm like suspecting that something went wrong. From where she said she feels her S♥NE-ness exceeded her ELF-ity; I've already grew worried. Next she said, she didn't feel the urge to get updated on K-Pop news.

And Friday, 11th December 2009, she confessed to me through MSN, she is no longer interested on K-Pop.

How can I not feel gloomy when she said that? I felt like as if I were left alone in this k-pop loving world right now, knowing that the one who sparked the amusement in me; take the decision to just forget about it. The feeling is like, like, Heenim taught you how to do well in variety show and he suddenly retired out from doing it. [PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT THIS IS ONLY MY IMAGINATIVE WAY TO INTERPRET HOW I'M FEELING]. I can only wish that I'm only dreaming at that moment. But the nightmare is true, and the time I'm so afraid of had come.

Shes over with it. Shes done.

For P-Sshi that made me love Super Junior so much, for P-Sshi that made me write fanfics once again after such a long time, for introducing to me talented side of K-Pop and not mere looks, I wish you all the best for the next interest you're going to find out.

Farewell P-Sshi~ and since I'm not a good singer; I can only use this video to express my feelings about your decision:

credits to syupeojoonieo@YT

Farewell P-sshi~

I will miss you huge loads, sayang


p/s: this was made like on the exact day but then, Darius (my lappy) crashed again!!!


mulan77 said…
u know... sometimes i wonder will i be like that too... for now.. i don't want to think about it..
HEEEEE ;E said…
yeah i have that kind of thoughts too before but i won't stop with my kpop craze,yet. (omg i sound scary D: )

hope you're not too sad unni. we elfs will be with you. maybe p-sshi just want some fresh air just like how we feel like moving out from our home and explore the world (at least to me) after we got our spm and all that. unni himnae!
Anonymous said…
aaah~~ it's time for her to move on. Huhu.

Anyway, I wonder how long is our fangirls fandom will last?

My mom always give me this talk saying that "ah, u eventually will no longer have interest in this and that (kpop) when u're getting older." I wonder if that's really true.

P-sshi might have new interest in life that made her change. Who knows la kan?

Ngehehe. I don't know if my words makes sense or not coz i'm damn sleepy. Haha!

Miss Healerzz said…
yes people. the time would come soon. but since this represent my youth, i'll go along with it ^^

p-sshi might leave too soon, but you know what?

she said she might come back too~ LOL

thanks all for your concern :3
Kinah said…
hi unnie^^
it's been a while since the last time i commented on ur blog..
this post moved me a lots..
thus i want to share something with u too..
if u don't mind^^;;
ur post remind me of my friend..
she also bring me to this kpop world..
i refused her many times actually,but she never give up..
here i am now!lol
suju is also my 1st love ever <3
we used to *stay up* every night and watched suju together smbil komen2 kat fs..hehe
but now,there's no more..
i ask her oneday, "u don't watch kpop anymore? why r u so sepi..?"..
and she told me that she's more into jpop now..
there's a lots of other reasons too actually..
but well, i don't blame her..
i have lots of my friends who into kpop now..*i'm not alone actually*..
is just that i missed my 1st 'gengkorea',,that's what we used to call each

end of my story..haha
sorry to touchy2 at ur comment unnie..
just need to share it with someone..
*i need to get my own blog i guess*hee~

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