Friday, December 11, 2009

For SHINee 종현 that noona always love

Asam Jawa For 종현

Noona sensed that your voice is still cracking. You're not recovered yet, why still performing? Noona is not happy if you lost that beautiful voice, please eat more healthy food.
Noona is too far away to show you my support and love.

So noona can only blog.

If you're nearer, noona would definitely send away this very effective vocal booster from Malaysia; Asam Jawa. Noona will even translate how you could have them in Hangul so you could understand. Just get well soon; please rest and eat well. Don't make noona worried anymore.

*credits to WeAreShining and as tagged

Noona will anticipate more of you and always support you. Promise.


p/s: I am so glad of Super Junior's achievement in Golden Disk Award ^^ but I can't just oversee what I've felt when I watch the performances. Sorry Super Junior, with all my love, I heart you so much but your dongsaeng needs my attention too.

And it sucks that 2NE1 didn't get the Best Rookie. Seriously what the fish. . .


sherermac™ said...

yea it sux that 2ne1 didnt win that. urgghhh~~

Miss Healerzz said...

seriously man~ i'm totally O.O ---> >.< when i see through the list. offense f(x) (ailabeu) but 2NE1 proved much!