Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[HUZZAH!] Sayanghaeyo would be temporarily closed

Just so you wouldn't freak out when I close down,
I'm revamping Sayanghaeyo from 31st December 2009
and would only be open by

1st January 2010 at 12:00 am (Korean Time)

Theres not much to be expected though, just some clearance I'd make to welcome 2010 *^^*

Everybody please do remember to wish our Sungmin (BIASBIASBIASBIASBIAS)
Saengil Chuka Hamnida :D
A year older, A year stronger and better

Thank you all for following this stupid blog but full with love. I'll rant more in the future :P


mulan77 said...

are you making a surprise? it's sungmin birthday... can't wait to see your new blog.. hwaiting norfy!!!

Miss Healerzz said...

not much of surprise LOL sorry for letting you down ==; its just some simple changes though i took hours to did that! XD i'm a noob like that

thanks for the cheer anyway unnie<3 <3 <3